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and now some happy little mountains....

Two people on my lj reading list mentioned Bob Ross today. It's obviously up to me to make it three.

I had a good writing day today, with 2621 words on "Wind-Up Boogeyman," in about five and a half hours of writing time, bringing me to a grand total of 11,650 words. (I got a late start this morning due to incompetence) And I only have eight scenes left to write, if my outline can be believed. (Outlines are notorious liars.) I seem to be averaging about two scenes a day, so if I am lucky, I might have this done by Sunday. In a few moments, I need to leave for Thursday Nite Archery Nite; when I come home I will be doing some editorial stuffs. No rest for the self-employed. *g*

It's not up yet, of course, but this is your reminder that there will be new Shadow Unit content tonight sometime around 6 pm central time, in the usual place.

I read a lot about decomposition today. Also, I did math. Make it worth my while. Go, read, comment!
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