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Hrumph. Where'd this shipment of crabby come from? I want a return address.

Okay. There was no archery tonight after all, which is just as well, because my neck is not happy about the move I was stuck on on that 5.7+ yesterday. But the meatpuppet gets to go in for maintenance tomorrow, which should fix that problem.

Anyway, I wound up having dinner with ashacat and netcurmudgeon and offspring. There was massive carbohydrate abuse, with a meatball. And German chocolate cake for dessert. And then I came home and started working on SU stuff again, because of course, there's Sunday's content to get ready. And also of course, after saying that I only have eight more scenes to write, in the car I thought of two more scenes I need to add earlier on. La. Good thing this isn't a performance art.

So I guess I'll start those now.
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