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bear by san

March 2017



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lion in winter broken because you're bri

just listening and re-listening to smily smile

I have new sheets and new pillows (my new comforter is back-ordered, but enroute) and I begin to understand Brian Wilson's point. Although I think I'm being more productive than he managed. I wrote for two and a half hours this morning, and have been at it now for about another hour and a half (there were errands and lunch downtown in between) and plan to pretty much go straight through the evening. I'm about to get up for a bit though and go check my mail and get an icepack for my neck and make a pot of tea. Mmm. tea.

Later on, expect popcorn.

I'm pleased that air conditioner season is coming to an end, and fall (coincidentally my favorite season) is upon us. Soon there will be crisp nights and sweaters, and I will be a happy bear. Until then, however, I endure.

Speaking of enduring, can somebody explain to me why Weather Watcher thinks we have a 50% chance of "frozen mix" for tonight's precipitation? WTF?


Atmospheric peas and carrots, very sad.
And frozen corn!
Do you get lima beans in your frozen mix?
Oh, you are SO not in North Carolina!
I was thinking rather then frozen vegetables that you might be getting a strawberry daiquiri or maybe a margarita
mmm. margarita. Though I like them better iced than frozen.
can somebody explain to me why Weather Watcher thinks we have a 50% chance of "frozen mix" for tonight's precipitation?

Maybe they accidentally sent you Colorado's forecast for tonight? We actually do have a forecast chance of snow in the higher elevations tonight.
Hmm. p'raps.

We've been having a lot of hailstorms lately. Could be linked...
That was my guess... if you lived out here on the windswept prairie, you wouldn't find that sort of forecast terribly surprising.

No, I take that back, you would, because normally that sort of thing would be accompanied with five assorted National Weather Service warnings. Tonight we have only one: "POTENTIAL FOR LOCALLY HEAVY RAIN. WIND GUSTS OF 40 TO 50 MPH ARE ALSO POSSIBLE AS THE STORMS COLLAPSE."

(My favorite bit of the allcapsness: "FOR A GRAPHICAL VERSION OF THIS INFORMATION...SEE OUR
Well, usually "wintry mix" is sleet and freezing rain, as comes with a nor'easter.

Which you don't usually get when it's sixty degrees.

Trust me, we get plenty of weather here. *g*
Yeah, you get the crazy ocean-induced stuff, we get the crazy lack-of-ocean-to-mediate-temperatures stuff.

Our weatherpersons like to use freight train collision metaphors a lot. Cold Canadian airmass, wet Gulf airmass, you get hail/sleet at high altitudes when it's still hot down on the ground.

I've seen it drop forty degrees in twenty minutes, which is when you start reaching for blunt objects to forestall the inevitable "If you don't like the weather around here..." witticisms.
Did you say popcorn? mmmm *plonks and waits*
just listening and re-listening to smily smile

Drove downtown in the rain, nine-thirty on a Tuesday night...
I have in fact been to the late-night record shop. (I didn't drive, though; we were staying in downtown Toronto, so I walked. Also, it wasn't raining.)

My iTunes library has a total of nine versions of "Brian Wilson" (not including the video): the Gordon album version, and a bunch of different live versions: Rock Spectacle (album cut); "Rock Spectacle Edit" shortened edit (from a radio promo single); "Brian Wilson 2000"; Au Naturale Live (Denver, CO); You Really Got Me (bootleg of a Boston concert); Talk To The Hand: Live in Michigan; and one from a Cleveland show on Extended Versions.

Oh, and the a cappella version that Brian Wilson sang on Live at the Roxy Theatre. Yeah. (Sure, it's less than a minute long, but how cool is Brian Wilson covering "Brian Wilson"?)
Apparently, we can has thunderstorm.

All week.
I would SO love to live in a place where A/C season isn't almost all the year 'round.
Come to Minnesota. We have snow!!
That state hasn't been ruled out. We're lifelong southerners, but evaluating places way past the Mason Dixon line.
Try Cleveland. We get the winter deep-freeze, damp chilly springs, summers that are a freewheeling mix of the sauna-esque and breezy comfort - sometimes offering both within the same 24 hour period - and crisp autumns with a fair bit of sunshine. Though I have to say I really could do without that winter deep-freeze thing...
Pfft. You don't know deep-freeze until the Governor closes the schools because it's -30 below *before* they figure out the wind chill.
I prefer pina colada mix myself.
Coincidentally, my mother's Weather Bug was calling for snow yesterday.