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bear by san

March 2017



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problem cat

I claim this bed in the name of France!

As you can see, I am not the only one who likes the new sheets.

She keeps rolling over and wriggling around on them. and pushing me a little farther into the corner of the bed.


Ah, it's Her sheets. You'll be lucky if she does not push you out while you sleep. At least you don't have a water-bed. Mr. Peeve would do a belly flop on ours while we slept until we got rid of it, thanks to our dog, Hans.
That's such a fantastically adorable mental image! :D Thanks!
Last time I had new sheets, Damnéd Dog liked them so much that she tried to bury a bone in them. Exit, bottom sheet, pursued by hound. Exit hound, pursued by me.

If Cat permits you to have 1/4 of the bed, I'm sure she's being inordinately generous.
Bad dog! Sheets are not for disemvoweling.

I've not had a bed-digging dog in some time, and I do not miss them.

You sure your cat isn't one of ours, Morgan? As soon as I looked at the photo I did a double-take. Is yours a Russian Blue?

(Neither of us had ever heard of the breed until we took Morgan to the vet after adopting her from the local pound. "You have a Name Brand Cat there," said the vet. We laughed ourselves silly in the car all the way home, because two people who cared less about cat pedigrees it'd be hard to find.)
Hee. No, she's a generic blue cat, one each, contents may settle during shifting.

Based on the kink in her tail and her vocal stylings, I suspect she's part Siamese, however.
That's because the cat is awfully glad of your new gift for her bed. She just doesn't feel like sharing yet.
I love the colour and pattern of your new sheets!

basically, I am a sucker for anything green, cobalt blue, violet, or yellow. *g*