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bear by san

December 2021



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sf doctor FANtastic!

Hey, if anybody wants to perform a service to a sad-eyed author, I just happened to notice that on Amazon, Ink & Steel and Hell & Earth each have a single, solitary, sad little reader review... by you-know-who. To anybody who's read them and wants to go have an opinion, positive or negative, I would be grateful.

...at least Harriet liked them.


it is rather amazing how much that woman gets around on Amazon. *g* on the good side, after the first week of Hell & Earth we went up from stocking 2 copies each to 4 each. (and by 'we' I mean BN in glastonbury, lol.)

Edited at 2008-08-18 12:23 am (UTC)
Woot! Well, that's good news. *g*
I'm notoriously slow when I comes to reading, but I did pick up my copy of Hell & Earth first thing I got back into town today. I felt so cut off on the cruise sometimes, since I went sans internet. Which leads to the following ...

Congrats on the Hugo! :-)
Well, I suppose my reviews do more good on Amazon than on my own LJ. :S I don't know why I never remember that.
Oh, that is not okay. I'll try to get my thoughts together.
... OK, that should be posted soonish. Let me know if it came out incoherent or inaccurate. I'm a little fried. (cf. airline nightmare as recounted in SU forum.)
Thank you. *g*
... they're textbooks?
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Who'd a thunk it?
Somebody's teaching Dust too, I hear. I just need for this meme to catch on....
Hee. I have almost talked one of the profs around here into teaching Cait Kiernan's Daughter of Hounds. :D

I just ordered New Amsterdam from Amazon yesterday (sorry, not one of the books you mentioned), and when I finish it I'll post a review. I'm definitely looking forward to getting it.

...sometimes I wish I were paid in books like Harriet Klausner. And I definitely wish I had her superhuman reading speed.
Thanks, and I hope the book works out for you. ;-)
Hi matociquala,
I just got into your books very recently and Ink&Steel and Hell&Earth are the first two that I've read (I haven't quite finished Hell&Earth yet). I'll definitely copy/paste my blog reviews on them to amazon, because I absolutely loved the two books :D

A little off topic, but I was looking at your bibliography and was wondering if we can expect any more Promethean Age books to be released any time soon (by the way, your schedule is waaaay packed with books - respect!).

Hi! The PA books are currently without a publisher, so no, there's no plan to release any more unless/until that changes.
Hm, that's too bad, hope that'll change soon :)
Amazon won't SEND me my "Ink and Steel"!! And I preordered! :-(
I'd say cancel the order and buy it in a bookstore, then. I'm sorry.
You speak great wisdom. Ink and Steel has been sitting in attractive top-shelf rows at the Barnes and Noble, taunting me for DAYS now.

(I did get Hell and Earth yesterday, though. Oh, Amazon...)

Speaking of speed reading . . . or were we?

Did you happen to see this blog post (http://voxish.tripod.com/teahouse/index.blog/1808433/klausnered/) by Alastair Reynold?

Funny stuff!

Re: Speaking of speed reading . . . or were we?

Eventually, there should be a Booklist review. I hope. (They certainly got one. Two, in fact. I liked the books, shockingly.)

I've got a completely unrelated question for you, though. Is there any way I could get my hands on a document containing all of The Stratford Man for book-bindery experiments?
They don't seem to want to put up reviews. :-P Or even the cover art. *sigh*

I don't have a final version of TSM as a file, I'm afraid; changes get made after I turn in a manuscript, via editing and copy-editing.
books in CT, me in NH with small people, a cold, and no attention span. I think you'd probably prefer I wait a few days ...
shan't. Nobody reviews my books... Ok, your pleadings have touched my heart.

Just finished Ink and Steel. Amazing. where do you get all this stuff anyway? Read books or something?

I want to tease you even more, but the book is too good for that.
I looked it up on Wikipedia. ;-) (Okay, not really.)
Still behind on the Promethean books,still reading this interminable book on the history of US foreign relations...
I do have them both, at last, and have admired and gently caressed the covers - they do have a nice finish. *ahem*

However, they will have to wait until I've finished New Amsterdam (which I am enjoying muchly, BTW).