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all the salty margueritas in los angeles, i'm gonna drink 'em up.

So there's an interview with me by the mighty Rose Fox up on the PW Genreville blog. 

Other than that, my day consisted of a nice walk (36.3 miles to Lothlorien), some yoga, and some work around the apartment, and then playing with my godbaby babysitting Sunil so ashacat could get some needed downtime. Afterwards, Asha and I delivered the small one unto netcurmudgeon and went forth to do great battle with the claimbing walls, whereby I sent a 5.7 (though there is still one damned move I fall on) and a 5.7+ (Same one as before, on the barrel vault and completely overhung, and man, it is at the absolute scraping edge of my ability.) And then I did two easy walls, the 5.5 that makes me feel like a treefrog, and a 5.6 on the slab.

My new shoes are not as sticky as the old shoes, and the soles are a little more flexible than I like, but they are certainly useable. And they do have velcro, which means I can peel the damned things off when they start to give me gangrene.

And I get to go do it again tomorrow. Yay! Well, at least that means I don't have to run. I really have to run at the end of the week, though, or I'm going to start to lose cardio condition.

There's definitely been some actual improvement, though. Apparently, they're closing next week to redo the entire front room. I'm sort of sad to see some of the old friends go away, but there will be new routes! And some of them may even be routes I can do. Adventure!

Anyway, it was so damned hot in the room that by the time I finished that 5.7+ I was actually drenched in sweat, dripping off every surface. So when ashacat said, "I want a marguerita..." well. We went around the corner to the Irish pub, and margueritas were procured. As were hot wings, to be split between the four of us (Me, Alisa, The Jeff, and ashacat).

That marguerita (iced, not slushy) was in the running for the single best thing I have ever tasted. OMG. Salt, alcohol, and vitamin C.

I shall die a happy bear.

Oh, and also, GIP. Because I just bought a new ATC, like the one in the icon, and I love it. It gives me like nine times more control than the plain smooth bucket I was using previously. Oh, love. Friction! Love!
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