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through the dustbowl, through the debt, grandma was a suffragette

First off, thanks so much to everybody who popped by Amazon to say something about the Stratford Man books. That looks a lot less naked. *g* (I suspect my quota of Amazon reviews suffers because people just come over here and give me what-for.... the perils of leaving the ivory tower! ...oh, who needs an ivory tower anyway?)

Went for a run this morning, which is crazed because I am going climbing again tonight--three days in a row, and possibly also tomorrow. This is a sign that my stamina is improving. Heck yes. In fact, I don't actually feel totally slagged out, despite the fact that it was sunny and oh so bright, and I have a headache now. The hat helps, but not enough--the yellow face, it burns us. (Of course, now that I'm back inside, the promised clouds have rolled in, and the forecast is showers and scattered boom!) Soon, I will even have the energy to stagger into the shower and flood cold water down my body.

Anyway, 33.3 miles to Lothlorien. It's only about a day's walk, as the Hobbit trundles. Probably take me another month to get there.... I really have to not get sunburned this year on Martha's Vineyard so I can get up and go for a run in the mornings. Also, remember to pack a swimsuit this year, Bear. And goggles. I may have to buy goggles; I think my last pair gave up the ghost after some years of exposure to the rubber-destroying aridity and skin-peeling chlorination of All Things Las Vegas.

I probably should climb as much as I can while I can--I'm missing next week because the gym is closed for reno (whole new front room! Of course, they are taking down three of my favorite routes, and the only 5.8 I have a hope in hell of sending, and the 5.8 on the skywall that I really wanted to climb someday... but alas. Change is good, right?) unless we can either get our butts outside or get to the smaller gym in Manchester, or both. And then I will be missing the week of my birthday because I'll be at Viable Paradise (trying not to get sunburned.)

I shall endeavor to think of this as Valuable Recovery Time. Besides, a week off isn't so bad. It's after two weeks without rocks that I start to lose it.

Goals for today--I have to start reading a ginormous graphic novel compendium for a review, and I must sign a whole bunch of things and then send them on to the next victim. Also, some paperwork. (Yes, that same paperwork. I am avoidant lass!)

Things to get done by the end of September, if I am lucky:

Finish Bone & Jewel Creatures (Come on, Bear. It's like two more scenes.)
Finish "The Tricks of London"
Finish "Smoke & Mirrors"
Finish "Mongoose."

But none of those things are likely to happen today, or even this week, I'm suspecting. Though "Smoke & Mirrors" might be talking to me most, because of course it's the one on the longest deadline.

I've actually got most of the end of that one written. I just need to write the first two thirds.

Oh, and I need to call Honda and bring the Moby Smurfberry in for maintenance and an oil change. La.
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