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bear by san

March 2017



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spies i spy ispy

better the files than the bodies of children

It never fails. Got out for a walk this morning and solved plot problems in both "Wind-Up Boogeyman" and "Smoke & Mirrors."

Thank you, feets.

And now, choclit cake.


Two things that contribute to plot breakthroughs:

1. Taking a shower
2. Walking the dog

There's something about mindless activities you've done a thousand times before that frees up the rest of the brain to be productive.
I hear you! I figure out a LOT about my current project-in-progress every time I go for a long walk/run. Maybe it's the endorphins?
Randomness of having to go to class, but is your title from Dar William's "I had No Right" ?
I'm really missing long dog-walks, but right now the best source of inspiration for me is taking a shower or some other mindless activity that makes the mind wander.

Is Smoke&Mirrors another Promethean Age book, by the way? *hope* ;)
Alas. Currently, there are no plans for further Promethean Age books, due to lack of sufficient sales numbers.

However, perhaps at some point in the future, there will be more.

(Generally speaking, anything in italics is a book title. Anything in quotes is a shorter piece.)
Oh thanks for the info. And that's too bad about the Promethean books :( I'll definitely go ahead and check out your other books though!
Yes. *g*
I friended you to put you on my cool-authors-who-blog filter! But the Dar Williams post subjects are quite a plus as well.
I concur

Walking - YESSSSS !!!

Good for you. I notice that I have some really good ideas pop into my head while walking and (sadly) they all pop out when I get back to the house.
Smiles for you.