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aim for the heart and fire away

Okay, so, since a short scene is written and the bread is out of the oven and it's midnight, I should really go get in bed so I can get up tomorrow and run while it's still cool.

If I manage to drag myself out of bed at six, it's supposed to be in the fifties. (It's already down to 58. Oh please, can summer be over now? A nice long autumn would be just what I like.) The seven-day forecast looks glorious, anyway. I am made of joy.

Also, my new comforter should be coming in the next day or two. Yay! Thank you, mailbeings of the world.

Today involved walking a lot, driving for a while, deciding not to buy those pillowcases after all because they were ridiculously expensive, and then beating up dogs, eating choclit cake, and eventually writing about 587 words. Which is not a lot, but it's something. And more than made up for by the part where I got to beat up dogs.

(I mentioned on twitter, but also report here: tells me over 2 months, my calorie balance is not bad. 31% from fat, 16% from protein, 46% from carbs. And 8% from, er, beer. What? It's a complex carbohydrate....)

Oh, I just yawned. I'd better take that to bed before it wears off.

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