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bear by san

March 2017



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bang bang, shoot shoot

Several good ends at archery tonight, though there is always that inexplicable thing where, when you are shooting at a three-spot, the shots at one of the three targets will always be off center. Someday, I will solve that problem.

The part that I really find incomprehensible is that it's not always the same spot that gives me trouble. It's a wandering stance issue. Actually, I think the issue with the topmost target might be a release issue rather than a stance issue, because I strain a little more when I have to elevate the bow, and I think my point of aim wavers more because of it.

But hey, I did get one three-shot end where they were all in the yellow, and a couple of six-shots where five were.

Still competent to hit the broad side of a barn, anyway.


Happiness is a warm compound bow?
It comes close, anyway. *g*
Still competent to hit the broad side of a barn, anyway.

Whenever I see that phrase a six-year-old inside my head says indignantly "what did that barn ever do to you?"

/shakes head/
I have sort-of ordered (Requested, but if I don't like it I'm not obligated to actually BUY it) a new bow from our local Bass Pro. Not a competition rig, obviously, but it will be nice to have the rythym of the back and forth and the twang and thwack again, nonetheless.

Do you shoot stick bows at all? I have a recurve I can't draw anymore.........
I have a recurve, no sights or hardware, which I still shoot occasionally. It's not like you hit what you aim at, though. *g*
yeah, this is the same. It's a Locksley! No sights, rest is part of the riser or shoot off your fist, I dunno what it draws...It was sold to me as "30-40" but my guess is more like 50-55. I could hit nearish the center of my foam target out to maybe 15 yards, beyond that was luck.

I never did figure out aiming, as such. Point and twang, that was me. Volley fire? I'm your huckleberry. Apple off your son's head? Well, at least the boy is safe from being hit by arrows....
I had a 30# my grandfather made, and a 55-60# that I made the string and arrows for (apparently Boy Scouts was good for something). Sights are for guns, bows are more zen. *grin* I have a compound I acquired in Texas, but now I need arrows for that, and the damned thing has too much power to shoot in the backyard.
If you want to yank somebody's chain about people who shoot sighted bows, may I suggest one of the many fine SCA communities on livejournal? Because I am *really* not in the mood, and I got more than enough shit from various people on my friends-list when I bought the bow I use now.

Fuck Zen. I shot a plain wooden recurve for eighteen years and a compound for two, and you know what?

The compound has taught me far more about archery, the importance of stance, and balanced shooting than the recurve ever did.
Mmmm, cranky Bear, I didn't nip at your haunches that hard. Twas not snark, but merely good natured banter. I haven't let a shaft loose from my fingers in years, it was more a remembrance of what has been rather than any comment about you or your choice of tools. Have a good evening, and rest well.
Sorry. I don't do banter. (I really don't.)

And it's a touchy subject, I'm afraid, as I've heard an awful lot of criticism on the topic.
*laughs* There are few subjects in which I would feel competent enough to criticize you on. And even then, I am probably sufficiently out of date that any knowledge I have would be useless anyway. (BTW, I very rarely do criticism, but I excel at self depreciating humor *grin*)
*g*. I don't have a parser for banter. Apparently, I am only capable of registering teasing as an attack.

And I suspect you are probably better than me at most things, except maybe writing books, as that is the only thing I've managed to get any good at....
*makes a mental note*

Right, either don't banter with the Bear, or be certain to dodge very quickly. *stuffs InnerCoyote into a sack*

Personally, I prefer barebow myself, but really, it's meant to be fun, and if it isn't fun, why bother?

Apropos of something, somewhere, in some dimension, I really love your icon.
Damn you. Damn you! I had almost convinced myself that is isn't worth the hour-and-a-half walk to the range to take up archery again ... *sigh*

*misses shooting things*
Well, that might be kind of a long walk.

Is there a nice hay bale somewhere closer?
I live in the middle of town, so unfortunately, no haybales. Also, the club at the distant park has bows while I do not, so even finding a hay bale would not be enough :D Ah, I definitely regret not taking up my parents' offer to buy me a bow when I still lived at home.

Obviously I will just have to a) find a flat next year closer to the park in question, or b) toughen up and do the hard slog to the park anyway. God, my form must be terrible by now ...
...well. You'll get great calves, I guess. :-(