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Okay, so I have had to do a hard thing, and trim my lj reading list by something over 200 people. Because it was at max capacity, and so was I.

This is in no way a reflection on the many fine blogs I've had to cut, and I rather imagine that I will be dropping by several of them occasionally to visit, but essentially my criteria for the reading list wound up being:

Do I know you in person?
Are you a professional colleague?
Are you a friend of my childhood?
Have we ever had sex?

Is the answer to at least two of these questions was yes, I kept the blog in the daily blogroll. *g*

ETA: Also, I have removed almost everybody who either posts nothing but tweets or posts in all caps, because dudes. My eyes.

The problem with the trimming, of course, is that as one is doing it, one finds all the other blogs one SHOULD be reading.

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