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one is the loneliest number that you'll ever do

Hey, look at that! It's the return of the Math Icon.

Okay, I am quite pleased with my brain.

I had taken a fairly long break from my math studies while trying to do everything else I've been trying to do, and was worried I would have forgotten everything in the intervening six months or so. But if anything, my brain seems to have integrated what I was struggling to learn last winter (I did say it had been quite a long hiatus, but hey, I'm doing this for fun, and the thing about lifetime learner projects is that they are, well, intended to stretch out over a lifetime.)

So I cracked open the books this morning and picked right up again with proportion and variation, including word problems, without any trouble at all.

Which means I have just the self-test on this, and then a review chapter with word problems (still made of hate) to do, and it's on to trigonometry. In fact, the book is staring at me from the bookcase across the living room as we speak.

In celebration, I think I will eat something that isn't carrot sticks.

Yes, I am spamming livejournal today.
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