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bear by san

March 2017



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rengeek kit & tilda lucifer/gabriel

I am camped out on batwrangler's couch with a tiny dog, somewhere in the wilds of New Hampsha. Today was a big and busy day, with a drive up here for my friend Jack's birthday whale watch party (We sailed out of Rye, and had a really fantastic trip--a fin whale and two humpbacks. The fin is a new whale; the humpbacks were Clipper and Filament.) and then massive amounts of seafood and cheesecake. And then some bumbling around in the dark until I found the current place.

Plan is to sleep here tonight, do things tomorrow that involve making loud noises, and then drive home tomorrow afternoon, whereupon I shall be shunned by the cat. But right now I have a tiny dog. *g*


Batwrangler and I are rather close geographically (down the road a bit, rather). Glad to know you've had a good time up here.
Yeah! for loud banging noises!


tiny dog?

Is there a picture somewhere of the tiny dog? I love tiny dogs. We have Chinese Crested Powderpuffs. Few things, to me, are as comforting as holding a tiny dog (or small cat) in one's lap.

Lisa Iriarte

Re: tiny dog?

No pictures. Not my tiny dog. *g*

Re: tiny dog?

He's the one on the left. Although he is no longer partly blue, this picture has the added bonus of featuring his friend Addy who is a puff. :)

Re: tiny dog?

...best photos ever.


Re: tiny dog?

Very cute! Thank you for sharing the picture.

Lisa Iriarte
I've met that little dog. But when I was there *I* got to sleep in the guest bed. Thus proving why one should be a Hugo admin rather than a mere winner.



I just heard from Kat you won a Hugo! Congratulations! The first of many, I'm sure ::grin::

Re: Congrats!

Thank you.

Happy Birthday

Oh, and before I forget, Happy belated birthday!!!

*Sings the Happy Birthday song off key, rather like a Hobbit with too much in him *winkwink*