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bear by san

March 2017



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writing genocide


Sometime this evening, the seventeenth and final Shadow Unit hiatus DVD extra goes live.

Our Esteemed Boss, Emma Bull, says:

Tonight's Shadow Unit DVD extra will be the last until Season Two starts, sometime in the first half of 2009. We'll try to make it as early in 2009 as we can, but we want to get all eight episodes in hand and heavily loaded with awesome before we announce the air date for the season premiere.

...and I could not have said it better. So I won't bother trying. I'll just swipe from her.

However, there's still a ton of fan activity on the BBS--they're having great fun starting on fanfic projects, speculating about the nature of the Anomaly, and filling out the SU Wiki.

Drop by and meet the community!

We'll be back in the Spring!

And until then, of course, there's a wedding happening over in the livejournals.


Did we swamp the server or are the intartubes just full?
There's an Issue, possibly with the cable company. We're on it.
Try hitting refresh a couple times....
Got it!

Thanks (didn't want to hammer the server if it was struggling).
Holy crap! What is Chaz manifesting, exactly? How is Chaz manifesting>? And is he going to let anyone else in on this little secret, given that it's got to be a lot more disturbing and Gamma-like than what Hafida does and what he *used* to do...
...tune in next year...


I feel constrained to point out that you have seen him do that trick before....

Yes, but we're so deep in his head, that it's hard to tell how much is how he visualizes what he does, and how much is actually going on in the physical world.
Yeah. It is so.
They do have to get written some time, you know.