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this is my bang stick.

This morning, the lovely batwrangler, a surprise mystery guest, and I got to go shoot things.

Some of the things we I shot were:

(long arms)
.22 Ruger 1022
7mm-08 bolt action Remington Model 7 (The scope was high at 100 yards. But I like this rifle. It's heavy, and when somebody else fires it, the boom makes me want to dive under the nearest cop, but it's lovely to shoot.)
20 ga Winchester Model 12 (slugs and birdshot)
30-30 Marlin 336

Ruger Mk 1 .22 (I've shot one of these before. They are perfectly nice little peashooters that look like the German Army.)
Kimber Pro Carry II .45 ACP
H&K P2000sk .40 (subcompact, LEM trigger (double action only) once I got used to the very long trigger pull, I liked this weapon a lot.)
Glock Model 22 .40 ACP (I like this better than the Glock 17 I shot some time ago, which had the magical ability to strike me in the face with the brass every single damned time.)
Llama Minimax .40 ACP (batwrangler thought I should shoot a cheap gun. It felt gritty. Did not like.)
S&W Model 645 .45 ACP (full frame, double action. this left a lovely bruise in the palm of my hand.

Many paper plates died in the service of my future writing career.

Somebody at the range had a Colt 500. After the fifth or tenth shot, I really wanted to go feed it to him. That is a VERY LOUD GUN.

And if I can learn to take my freaking finger out of the trigger guard sooner, someday I may even not be a danger to myself and others. Well, that and if I can someday manage to go shooting more than twice a year.

Also, that last SU DVD extra is live: "Mirror Writing."

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