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bear by san

March 2017



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problem cat

I think the last third of 2008 will be the time in which I practice my zen.

The problem with surprises and/or delayed gratification is that they're always either unpleasant or disappointing, or they fail to materialize.

And rejection stings.

It's easier in life to have no desire and no expectations.

I dunno why I keep having to re-learn that.


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I'm sorry :{
no desire and no expectations
Easier, and more sterile. Coming out of about 10 years of it, finally; even the pain is precious given the alternative.
:: sends additional zen ::
Hey. You rock. You never wanted it to be easy.

You have to keep re-learning that because you have a pulse and you are not a monk!
ps and i'm sorry, too
I'm sorry things apparently suck. I hope something unexpectedly nice happens soon.
I've been trying to get my head around this one. Going Zen in short bursts can be very useful and good. But going Zen overall gives me the feeling that I've just screwed myself sideways, twice. Either I'm doing it wrong (quite possible) or it isn't what I really should be doing (which is what I really think).
I'm sorry that things didn't work out.

Ow and damn.

I hope it helps to look at that shiny statue on your mantel, and think of good things you've achieved this year.
:( Hope things pick up for you.

Just remember the flipside of that particular coin - becoming too disattached and desireless can lead to an awfully stagnant and dull life.

Even if Yeats (or Crazy Jane being channeled by him) was correct that
Nothing can be sole or whole that has not been rent
a) the rending is nonetheless painful when it happens
b) how many times does this have to happen before the soleness and wholeness comes about, Willie?

Sympathies and good thoughts, and virtual {{hugs}} if required.

Yeah. Come over here, Willie, so I can discuss that with you.



As sartorias noted, maybe the Hugo can help focus the Zen (or serve as a reminder that your writing is well-loved)?

If not, it's also got uses as a stabby instrument, or a blunt object.
Who dared cause you pain? Just let us know and we'll go and beat 'em up for ya, okay?
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