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bear by san

March 2017



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On the other paw, I got to meet a chinchilla and a hedgehog on Saturday night. And that does make up for a lot of the universe failing to materialize rainbows and hosannas and carpets of flowers for me to walk upon.

Chinchillas put their tiny warm paws that feel like feathers on your face and sniff you all over with tickly whiskers. Hedgehogs feel like holding an animate ball of pins in your hand.

I approve.



life is good!
Small animals make everything better ^_^
I think Nanny Ogg has something to say about hedgehogs. I've never actually seen one up close, but chinchillas are adorable.
...and of course there's also Spiny Norman. :)

I love hedgies. They were one of my favorite animals when I worked at the zoo. Chinchillas are too nervous but hedgies are fairly mellow. Tenrecs are even cuter.
Ok, not recognizing "tenrec," had to Google.
They look like a cross between a shrew and hedgie. I found a picture of one with bright yellow stripes! And a ruff!
Adorable :)
I love the streaky yellow ones!
I love how chinchillas don't seem to be able to stop the constant quiver/twitching of their whiskers.

Sadly, being an Aussie, I'm not likely to ever meet one in MeatSpace.
Awesome. I would love to get a chincilla someday. They are like really big mice, with the softest, silkiest fur in the universe.

I didn't know you could GET hedgeghogs! That's so cool.

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I would love to meet and make friends with a hedgehog. they are so sweet looking. despite the prickles. my dog Hannah loves hedgehogs too, but in her case the stuffed animal kind. she has three big ones and a baby.

I think I would like to meet a chinchilla as well, providing it was a happy chinchilla. the pet store I get dog food at usually has chinchillas, and the poor things look completely miserable. my mom and her brothers grew up with a sequence of bizarre pets, including chinchillas. she says they were very soft and sweet when calm, but incredibly hard to catch, and very nervy.
This wasa very happy chinchilla. Although nervous.

The hedgehog smelled quite musky, like a snake.
i had two hedghogs once upon a day. the spikey balls are awesome.
I've always wanted to meet a hedgehog. It sounds like they were great fun to hold.
Sorry for your earlier disappointment, but I'm glad to hear that your intensive course of animal therapy seems to have helped! ;)
I call them chilibeans. My poor books call them nemeses. Fortunately for them, they have the good sense to be cute.
*is not allowed to have chinchillae and is thus deeply envious*
Hedgehog! (And chinchilla, but I don't have a chinchilla icon.)
While the Sibling was still a zookeeper, I got to meet the zoo chins but was sadly not allowed to chinchilla-nap them and take them home with me. The Spouse insisted the cats would eat them, also that they were evil rodents and did not belong in the house. I think the Spouse is unfairly prejudiced against non-cat quadrupeds.
That is a shame. If it would help, you could tell your Spouse that I never overhear any plots to take over the world. Almost never.
He's more agin' the idea of additional poop than anything else (although he detests reptiles, again unfairly).

Petting a hedgehog

Petting a hedgehog is so odd because you can almost do it if you get the angle right but if the little critter moves around at all it isn't a nice thing for the palm of your hand. Oh they have such cute faces, though.
This particular hedgehog pooped in my palm. *g*

Yeah, life is like that.