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we want your soul

Not the most exciting of days. I'm up and have been to the farmer's market for eggs and veggies and fruit. (We bought ground cherries, three small tomatoes, peaches, pears, fingerling sweet potatoes, and some sweet corn.) And I ate something, that something including the last of last week's baking, so I need to start bread today. Also thinking of roasting a chicken, because chicken and rice sounds really good for lunch. Which means I need to get this chicken in the brine....

Other tasks for today include two or three loads of laundry, putting away the four pairs of jeans that have grown too large for me and trying to find some interim pants other than the one pair of jeans I have that currently fits and the slightly-too-tight BDUs (because I am not yet down into the next size, but these are really annoyingly baggy) and unleashing the robot monster to do something about the floors. And making a business phone call or two.

Also, I really want to finish Bone & Jewel Creatures. Dammit.

But right now I'm going to make a pot of white chai and take a shower.

Honeydew list:

Groceries (still need to buy soy sauce! and maybe sesame buns. Asian grocery tomorrow?)
Eat something
Drink tea
Brine chicken
Take clutter off flat surfaces and put it where it belongs

Phone call
Clean catbox
Wash laundry
Fold and put away laundry
Water plants

Answer some of this *^%*&^ email
Roast chicken
Feed starter

Start bread (and possibly finish it, or if not, put it in the fridge for tomorrow.)
Eat something else
Clean floors (including bathroom floor!)

Clean and wash counters and table
take out garbage
Finish work on novella
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