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bear by san

March 2017



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sf sapphire and steel kiss (darkness)

Displacement activity is like superpowers.

What I wound up doing with the chicken was brining it for two hours in brine with bay leaves and a piece of star anise, then taking it out, filling the cavity with roasted garlic and one and a half preserved lemons, sliding the interior fat and some more roasted garlic under the breast skin, rubbing the outside with the oil from the lemons, and dusting it with thyme, ground pepper, and sweet paprika.

It's in the oven now. I shall report back.

And I probably need a snack before I start working on the novella.


That sounds wonderful. I hope you don't mind if we steal that recipe for the next time we roast a chicken. :)
I hope you do! *g*

Meanwhile, I raven. And I need to start the rice.
Good advice about writing, good advice about cooking ... you bring bounty to my friends page.
Aw. Thank you!
Gods, that sounds delicious! I need a snack now just from reading your description.


I've never heard of preserved lemons before. Are they something available in the shops, or did you make them yourself?
Don't do that when I's stuck at the day job with no access to anything of comparable food glory in sight or range of smell.
I simply must have chicken for lunch!
When you say 'brining it for two hours' is that a cold soak? A simmer?

I had duck, potatoes, carrots, and runner beans. I helped dig up or pick three out of four, but the duck had to be bought.
Heh. I decided it wouldn't be googleable. I have failed you, Master.
Hee. *g* Alton Brown has some discussion on his website too.
oooh, nummy.



That sounds delicious. Maybe you should do a recipe exchange on your blog. (Unless you've already done one and I missed it.)

Lisa Iriarte

Re: recipes

I just post 'em occasionally when I think of them. *g*
*drool* chicken with flavor *drool*