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via neutronjockey, a Scientific American article on how one builds expert skills.

That effortful practice thing? Works. Though it took me closer to 25 years than ten to get where I am as a writer, and I'm not sure I'd call myself a master yet. Maybe an advanced journeyman.

It's amazing how much "native talent" looks like sweat when you come right down to it.

Speaking of sweat, 1591 words on Shadow Unit stuff today, plus 98 words of flap copy for 7faS, and 864 words of Bone & Jewel Creatures. I have written the scene I was being a lazy dufus about last night, and it is a good scene, or at least I entertained myself writing it. Tomorrow, in between other errands, I shall hole up in a nice cafe and see how much of the remaining narrative I can chisel away at. Friday, I may declare a work day, of the sort that involves not really leaving the house. I always get a lot done on those; it's harder to maneuver writing around interruptions and outside demands.

Story, you're going down.
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