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So I'm up and showered and dressed and fed, and in a minute I'm going to go start a pot of tea. These allergies are killing me: my normal rising time is closer to 6:30-7 am, but today I dragged myself out of bed at 8 and frankly wasn't good for much after that.

Now I have two and a half hours to write before I have to go start my errands for the day (tonight is also Archery Nite, so I won't be home much before 9) and I'm sitting here staring at the next scene of Bone & Jewel Creatures, which is from the jackal-cub's POV, and I have no idea how to get into it. What I may do is go repot a couple of plants that need it pretty badly while I make that tea, and see if working with my hands jogs loose anything in my brain.

Too much stuff on the schedule this week; it's hard to work in the crevices. But working in the crevices is often what life demands of us. Tomorrow, though, I have no plans but a run, which means it's a Work Day all day. And though the weekend will be taken up by a birthday party on Saturday and a trip to Fall River for the monthly D&D game on Sunday, Monday is all mine. Next week, if I can resist the temptation to overschedule myself, looks pretty clear, and a lot of work might get done then.

This novella is cooperating, after a fashion, just slowly and with great deliberation. Which I suppose is all you can expect from a story in which the protagonist is in her 80s and one of the supporting characters is named Lazybones. We'll get there, we'll get there. Stories are long-term projects, after all. still, I'm looking forward to having a whole thing when I'm done, even if it's a whole thing in need of a certain amount of revision. Deliberation and choice are part of the craft, after all. Taking some time to do it right is why we call it craftsmanship.

And now it's six seven minutes later than it was when I started this entry, and I suppose I oughta go make some tea and see if I can figure out what the cub is thinking.
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