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[23:33] matociquala: You know, I should send the republicans a thank you note.
[23:33] leahbobet: mm?
[23:33] matociquala: Because I can safely ignore national politics until November.
[23:34] matociquala: They could catch Barack Obama naked in a wading pool full of Jello with a mule and Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev, and I would still vote for him.
[23:34] leahbobet: ...
[23:34] matociquala: It's very freeing.
[23:34] katallen: ummm
[23:34] leahbobet: I would possibly vote for someone because of that.
[23:34] matociquala: hee
[23:34] leahbobet: 'cuz that's pretty awesome.
[23:34] matociquala: "Barack? Really? The dead commie?"
[23:34] stillsostrange: I wonder if mules like jello...
Tags: chatroom transcripts, politics, the writer at work

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