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midnight and i'm awaiting on the 12:05

I am waiting for my clever. My clever is like Godot.

Basically, I now really most sincerely have one day's work left on this novella... and I just don't know what that work is.

I guess that means that, since the weekend is taken up with social obligations, I will hope that at some point in the four hours of driving I have to do Sunday, my brain will hand me the Thrilling Climax of this story.

In the meantime, a list, for my own reference.

for 2008

Finish Bone and Jewel Creatures
Last read-over of Seven for a Secret with attention to quotation marks.
Finish "The Tricks of London" (started)
Finish "Mongoose" with truepenny (started)
Finish Chill
Write S2 Shadow Unit episodes: "Lucky Day" coffeeem); "Wind-Up Boogeyman"; finish "Smoke & Mirrors" (started)

for 2009

Rewrite The Sea thy Mistress
Shadow Unit S3
Write Grail

When they get done:

Write "Smile" (Bone Garden) (started)
Write "Snow Dragons"
Write "The Horrid Glory of its Wings"
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