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bear by san

March 2017



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i have no use for the truth

This is going to suck.

Dr. Jeff Masters on Gustav.

jonquil discusses portential shortfalls in the evacuation protocol here.

"This storm could be as bad as it gets," Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said Saturday afternoon. "We could see flooding even worse than we saw in Hurricane Katrina."

There are already over seventy dead in the Caribbean.

All I have for anybody in the way is a brief prayer, and I'm not a praying woman.


I was relieved to just get an email from my friends who had just moved down there--- they've already evacuated to Alabama (and are headed to stay with a relative in TN.)
Tell me about it. We're trying to convince some stubborn family members to leave (they're across the lake, so they usually aren't hit as hard as the city).

I'm just praying the storm doesn't veer east.
This storm is pretty terrifying. I was supposed to go home last week. I put it off when the storm looked to be heading gulf-ward, and now I'm just hoping I can go back when it's over.
Prayers are definitely better than nothing. I've been sending prayers and good thoughts down that way since I heard about the storm a couple of days ago.
I've been wrestling with a post about my feelings on this and I just can't let myself think about it enough to write about, if that makes any sense. I'm alternately calm and terrified, hopeful and despairing. I have a contingency plan, but I'm waiting until the last minute to see what the storm does the closer it gets. I waver between taking just what I need and taking as much as the car will carry. Above all, I don't want to give in to the fear, but it's there, under the surface. All the time. I hate this, but I don't want to live anywhere else. You know?

Good luck, okay?
Thanks. I'm taking off sometime today and will be updating my journal on a regular basis.
but I'm waiting until the last minute to see what the storm does the closer it gets.

Go. Go now. If it misses, you're fine. But you only get one chance at life and if you wait too long you'll be trapped on the roads or unable to outrun those winds or unable to find a place to hunker down.

You--your life, your soul, your humor, you wit--is your most valuable posession. It is the one thing in this world that is truly not replaceable and truly priceless.

Whatever you do, stay safe.

Edited at 2008-08-31 04:14 pm (UTC)
I'll be leaving sometime today. I just hope I don't get stuck in traffic.
At this point, I'm just glad that my parents didn't try to rebuild in South Mississippi after Katrina, and that my cousin didn't get the scholarship she wanted at Loyola. They're currently safe in Kentucky and Kansas, respectively.

As for those still on the Mississippi coast, or in New Orleans... I don't know if I have enough heart left to break.
I'm just... yeah. I've been worried about this tonight, and trying not to be while at the same time knowing there's good grounds for it. I'm in Texas, by the way, approximately two hours (inland) from Houston. We've got volunteer people already mobilized here and ready to go as soon as any "panic button" gets hit.

Last I saw, docbrite was determined to sit tight. I really hope not. It's time to take the critters and go.
Poppy and Chris are staying. I saw them last night and they're pretty determined. They just don't have the carriers or vehicle capacity to get the critters out, and they aren't willing to leave them, which I completely understand given what happened last time.

The good news is that Gustav is weakened and not intensifying the way they'd been predicting. I am a little more encouraged that we'll miss the worst of it.
*nod* I read everything docbrite posts, so I can well understand the desire to not go through the same fresh hell as happened last time, not to mention what they went through with Augie recently for example. I really hope things turn out OK, but I'm still worried. Gustav is Category 3 right now, and some weather centers are saying it may re-strengthen before it hits LA. I'm hoping and praying it doesn't, for everyone's sake (but especially theirs).
To be fair on the shortfalls post, here in Florida we have massive numbers of people who refuse to evac. The police tell them to be sure to write their personal information on their arms with sharpies so that they can be identified afterwards.

Sometimes that scares them enough to go, sometimes not. There will always be the asshat who wants to go surfing in the storm, or walking on the beach when it comes in, or wants to have the party of the century with all of his best buds while the lights go out and the winds roar overhead.

Sadly, you can't FORCE them to go.

And to be real, if people are willing to wait hours in line for an amusement park ride, they should be able to wait to save their lives. The evac was called in a timely manner and there was something in place to get them--and pets--out this time. That is a million times better than last time.

The good thing to remember is that people ARE leaving. This is good. This is wonderful. People are not messing around with this monster. Trust me, I've been watching this kind of thing for over 20 years (line of work = homeowner's insurance claims adjuster/coastal dwelling Floridian) and crawling through the wreckage afterwards and it is a GOOD THING people are leaving--even if they are waiting in line to leave, they ARE leaving. This is A GOOD THING.

i was there for threee months after katrina, adn if it was up to me, they would go back to being the Crescent City. Just bulldoze everything in the lower wards and let it go back to nature.