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"If you act now you'll get change and a set of Ginsu knives."

Questions, part IV:

Imagine you are given a chance to go to sleep and wake up tomorrow with any one ability perfected, as long as it is not that of learning new skills. A kind of instant expertise, for lack of a better term. What would you choose?

Money management. :-P

Question: which of your works (stand-alone or series) do you see most adaptable for film? TV?

Shadow Unit. ;-)

I dunno. Strangely, everything I've written has been largely ignored by Hollywood. I can't imagine why. *innocent expression*

Pirates or ninjas? And why?


Because pirates are boooooooooooring. And ninjas can install telephones.

I've read your short story 'Botticelli' and the excerpt of One Eyed Jack and the Suicide King that is posted at Subterranean Press. I was wondering if there are more stories about the Russian and the American that you have?

There are not. I should mention here that those are not the same Russian and American from story to story. I had two different ideas about what sort of creatures they might be, and used one on the novel and the other in the short story.

One of your more recent posts gave me a question idea: If Blood and Iron were to be made into a movie, who would you cast as everyone? (I personally think Tilda Swinton would be an awesome Mebd, but that's just me...and probably because she was also the White Witch in Narnia...typecasting much?)

I actually don't cast my movies in my head, generally speaking--my characters tend to look like themselves to me, and not actors. I think Claudia Black could do a good job with Elaine, though--she's got the beaky nose and the brittle--and I used an image of Eric Stoltz as my Matthew icon, although he's rather too good looking and not enough of a musclebound freak. Other than that, er. Colin Salmon for Whiskey, maybe? And of course everything's better with Tilda.

stillsostrange  rather likes Tony Curran for Keith

Michael Sheen could probably be a pretty good Ian.

No idea who to cast as the Ukrainian wolf, though.

You can ask a question here.

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