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Book keeping

Words: 928 on The Stratford Man, 1250 on "The Chains That You Refuse."
Reason for stopping: bedtime, end of scene, end of story. I got through one of the gutwrenchy bits on SM I was dreading. It's not grounded enough, but it's done.

I'm sorrowful tonight: a brave old dog I've known for ten years now is dying of cancer. I just got off the phone with my Mom, who is understandably upset. I'm kind of unhappy about it myself: she's an accomplished girl, and very sweet, and she's much too young for this, and my Mom doesn't need to go through it now.

So feel free to send a few kind thoughts to Ch. Iota Adut van der Hoolhoeve. That's her on the right.

Here are some of her babies.

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