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i'm twenty-one years old i might make twenty-two

1400 words in 5 hours of work, for a total of 9944 words on "Smoke and Mirrors." Which is probably around half the story, if it runs to standard Shadow Unit length. Funny thing is, I have the beginning written and most of the ending--except the actual climax... but I have the stuff that leads into the climax written, and also the denouement. And I know everything that happens in the climax. I just have to make the words happen. The story is already in my head.

So the middle is what I'm working on now, and mostly I know what happens there too. There's a couple of tiny details I haven't quite got, which are currently indicated with notes to myself that go something like [figure out how the team makes this logical connection].

So I know what happens next and theoretically I could keep writing. But I think that 1400 words is a fine day's work, and I'm hungry, and I think I should stop right now before this becomes onerous, especially since I'm feeling sort of bored and sleepy. Maybe tomorrow I will have more enthusiasm.

Right now I'm going to feed myself and goof off a little and bask--BASK!--in my virtupus productivity for the day.

God, I am so much nicer to live with when I'm working.
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