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Well, managed a second sitting tonight, in which I added 790 words of pissing contest to a scene I had already written.  It's a very odd sort of pissing contest--two grown men who care about each other arguing from a place of deep personal trauma and fear and pain, and trying to be humane about it. I suspect it will need a few more passes before it really sings. (Sings, anyway, like a horribly traumatized and shamed canary who has made some Terrible Mistakes.) Anyway, the writing was easy and pleasant and felt good, like stretching into a run that's well within your capabilities. Work, but not hurtful work.

I love writing arguments. They are such a fabulous playground for personalities on parade, and unsuspected suprises. If only somebody would come over here and write the plot for me, I would cheerfully write all the Fraught Character Bits in between.

Alas, you need the plot for the Fraught Character Bits to mean anything. (This is why fanfic is fun; somebody else has already done the heavy lifting, and all I have to write is the payoff. Because the setup is all done.)

Meanwhile, the next scene I need to write is being obsctructionist. It's back to being plot, you see, and needing to advance the narrative instead of just letting the characters strut around and display their trauma like lopsided peacocks.

If it would just give me a POV and an opening sentence I could do something with it... okay, I know the POV. But, alas, still not the opening sentence.

I think at this juncture I choose to take a nap.
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