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a hell of a way to run a railroad

Chaz, it's not nice to hog all the POV. You have to let the other boys play too. I mean really.

2383 words written today, and it is only seven more miles to Lothlorien, because in my virtue I walked all over the universe today. And that walking included errands, which are now completed errands, which is still more virtue. I almost disfust myself.

I got through some more of the investigative part of "Smoke & Mirrors" today, and I think more or less I have more than half of it. Tomorrow I may get to start working on some of the boom. There's a lot of boom in this one, interspersed with a certain amount of angst. I like boom almost as much as I like angst.

Tomorrow night is climbing, and tomorrow afternoon is social obligations, and Thursday night is archery. And possibly Friday night is climbing, if anybody else wants to come play. But other than that, this is a week of productivity, and if I am really lucky I can have a Bad Draft of this novella finished before it's over with.

That idea makes me very happy, because it's another big chunk out of my obligations for the fall.

After that, I'll have to write "The Tricks of London" and revise Bone & Jewel Creatures. And there will be other work as well, also, because there always is.

But progress is being made. And progress is very exciting.

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