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[22:17] stillsostrange: Write my scene, then
[22:17] matociquala: I have a worse fate.
[22:18] matociquala: I have to write a transition.
[22:18] stillsostrange: booo
[22:21] matociquala: Oh, apparently my transition is just Todd saying "God, I hate stakeouts."
[22:21] matociquala: You know, Duke is really nice to have around as a character.
[22:21] katallen: heh
[22:21] matociquala: He understands narrative.
[22:21] matociquala: And he's *Helpful* about moving it.
[22:21] stillsostrange: heee
[22:21] stillsostrange: I'll take a dozen
[22:21] matociquala: *shares*
[22:22] tanaise: It's all about the helpitude.
[22:22] matociquala: Yeah, Todd, you're right. I don't need a scene setting up the stakeout.
[22:22] tanaise: Also, it's about remembering to wash this lettuce when I make a salad again tomorrow.
[22:22] matociquala: I just need the readers to know that  we are about to have a long boring stakeout.
[22:22] matociquala: Which they will not be shown.
[22:23] matociquala: *cue montage of Todd bouncing a rubber ball against the wall while Brady paces and the pile of Snickers wrappers by Chaz's chair grows ever taller.*
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