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3,277 words for the day, in two sessions. Really good writing day, and I am finishing this novella tomorrow.

It was a pretty good climbing day, too. I resent the easiest of the new routes, which can't be much more than like a 5.5 or so, but it's overhung in ways that make it interesting. And I like climbing it, because it proves to me that I am getting stronger, and better control of my body. I also sent the wall I flamed out on Wednesday--I think it's a 5.7 or a 5.7 plus--and managed to get a little ways up on two harder routes. If the one I did better on is really a 5.8, as several people seem to think it is, then that's the best I've ever done on a 5.8. Well, we'll try it again on Monday.

Also, I tried one in the corner with the crack, and have no idea how the heck to make a transition I need to make. Also, I watched a couple of people do the yellow route that was defeating me Wednesday, and I see how to do it, but I don't know if I have the go and the psychological fortitude to make the move I need to make to get past where I was stuck. It's not quite dyno, but it's definitely a jump.

I guess we'll see on Monday.

Still, I am improving. And all new routes is fun. You learn stuff.

And on that note, to bed. Night, guys.
Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks

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