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bear by san

March 2017



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you were built three stories high, they say you would not hurt a fly

On the theory that post-novel ennui is inevitable, and I really only have one more short story to finish in the near future, I did a bad thing.

I ordered a computer game.

I pretty much get bored with shoot 'em ups in heartbeats, but I have a longstanding fondness for Sim Anything and Civilization. Which means this was a natural.

Yes, it's Interactive Sim Unintelligent Design.

The critters dance. And you can paint them fancy colors.

...I'll see you all in 2009.


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You can't go wrong with a little Will Wright!
Seriously not.
Oh, christ, I must get this immediately. Ooo and it has a creature creator add on! Full of creature parts!
You can test drive a crippled version of the creature creator from the website. It's pretty cool.
My video game addiction perks up its evil head and says "hmmmmmmm".

The rest of me is saying, "no no no no noooooooo I have a life right now."

"Heh heh Heh...make creatures now...yes...yes."
Doom, dooooom. This is going to be a brain eater worse then Second Life...
Hahaha! It was nice knowing you...
...in addition, you may not be aware that one of our AmberCon friends, Eric Todd, was a development director on the project at EA.
You are honorable rat fink. I was going to lose all my (haha) spare time in that stupid universe.

Oh well, when you come out the other end, let me know how it was. I'll be under a truck.

This thing is going to cripple the SF&F industry. Seriously.
Fortunately, my computer game tolerance is somewhere under a week, and then my brain grows back. *g*
Doomed. Doomed.

At least I'll be in good company when I'm watching deadlines flutter past while trying to create the perfect six-legged carnivorous penguin.
No offense, i thought all penguins were carnivorous.. or pisciverous (no, spell checker can't spell that either)

if we explode the atom bomb, would they say that we were dumb?

"Walking in Your Footsteps," the Police. I had "Synchronicity" on cassette. One of the few commercial cassettes I bought before kalessin told me about dubbing from vinyl.

I did not wear it out (I did wear out Ziggy Stardust on cassette), but it was a close thing.

Re: if we explode the atom bomb, would they say that we were dumb?

"Synchronicity," still one of the greatest albums out there.
Oh no. For some reason I didn't think it was coming out on PC, just on fancy modern game consoles I don't own. I thought I was safe...

Though if it's interactive, isn't it at least semi-intelligent design?
That presumes the designer has a clue. *g* I know myself better than that.


Sim games

Sigh. And I just (finally) overcame my Sims2 addiction. I pulled the CD from my computer a week ago after guiding the lives of over 50 families spanning years of game play. I started writing. Sigh.

Lisa Iriarte
I ordered Spore too! I've been waiting for it to come out for ages now. When my copy gets here I fully expect to have no (actual) life as well. :^)
Must... fight... urge... to order... Spore... :)

All my housemates are now addicted to that game. So far, I have refused to install it in the hopes that I will still be able to ever get work done.
I forgot that came out! That's the first computer game I've wanted in a very long time.

*plots ways to get game*
Doesn't somebody have a birthday on the near horizon?
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