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he's laid back, never laying back--

Somebody please explain to my meat that I ate all the food in the world yesterday, and it doesn't need to wake me up complaining of hunger today?


Okay, apparently it does.

First, obselfpromo (not pomo, or porno, both of which have recently come up in various places... bad choice of words, Bear!)--

1) my Storytellersunplugged column for September is up. It is entitled "Your genius (sung or otherwise)."

2) Publishers Weekly review of All the Windwracked Stars which is, er, starred as well. Woot!

All the Windwracked Stars
Elizabeth Bear. Tor, $24.95 (368p) ISBN 978-0-7653-1882-4

Hugo winner Bear (Undertow) perfectly captures the essence of faded hopes and exhausted melancholy in this postapocalyptic melodrama based loosely upon Norse mythology. On the Last Day, the historian Muire fled the battle, leaving her sibling Valkyries to die. More than 2,300 years later, only a single city, Eiledon, has survived as the dying world slowly turns into ice. Ashamed of her cowardice, Muire now vows to keep the last humans safe, but as she slowly pieces together the horrific truth behind the magic that has kept Eiledon standing, she must decide whether it's worth the price. Readers will be captivated by Bear's incredibly complex, broken characters; multilayered themes of redemption; and haunting, world-breaking decisions. While stilted prose slows the beginning of the tale, its finale is both rewarding and compelling. (Nov.)
I'm going to call that an unqualified win, even the "Hey, we have to say something critical" bit at the end.

The news from the real world, of course, is much worse, and Hurricane Ike is going to plaster the already-quite-sufficiently-plastered-thank-you islands of Cuba and the Bahamas as a potential category IV. Here's that Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Fronteires donation page one more time...

q. What's the difference between Sarah Palin and Dan Quayle?
a. Lipstick.

Seriously, guys.

Yes, I'm a feminist.

Yes, in general, I will vote for an equally qualified woman, queer person, or person of color over the same version in straight white male (I consider it affirmative action; if you'd like to call it racism or sexism, I'm pretty much okay with that at this juncture--and I figure I'm counterbalanced by plenty of people who will go the other way--so you needn't come blast me for it in comments.) Yes, I voted for Clinton, H. in the primaries.

But I voted for her because she was a woman and all that, not because she's a woman. Contrary to the apparent opinion of the republican party, I do not actually do whatever my ovaries tell me to do. (Ongoing commentary about The Electric Company's fixation on Morgan Freeman in the bathtub notwithstanding. Um, I'm sorry. Where were we?)

If you were thinking of not voting this year, I'd ask you to reconsider. If you can't see your way clear to doing it for yourself, do it for me!

*g* I'm only (nearly) 37; I could be living in this country for another thirty years. (Fifty, if we get a decent healthcare system.)

Further to politics before I drop the topic for a while, I take back all the mean things I said about Joe Biden:

"I wasn't around when Harry Truman was around." Ooo, snap.

So last night, in between playing with the broken version of the Creature Creator, I wound up revising the hasty climax I had keyboarded to finish "Smoke and Mirrors," and fleshing it out a little, to the tune of 230 more words. (Since it was after midnight, I'm counting it as today's words.)

My wordcount for the year is now 182,722, which does not count Internet Words, as I don't log those. While that's still not a particularly good year, it's improving on the wasteland of productivity I had going on for the first quarter. What I have done so far this year (including collaborations), not counting nonfiction:


"Your Collar"
"Wind-Up Boogeyman"
"Smoke and Mirrors"
"The Red in the Sky is Our Blood"
Bone & Jewel Creatures
Seven for a Secret

In Progress:

"The Tricks of London"

Various Shadow Unit extras

So, yeah, not one of my best years. But all things considered, it could be worse.

And at the last, in news that I know will interest some of my flist:

VIENNA (Reuters) - Two women have made history at Vienna's Spanish Riding School by becoming the first female riders to pass the entrance exam in 436 years.

Good on you, ladies.
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