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Having had something of a roller-coaster of a weekend, I have embarked upon the time-approved method of drugging myself with food for serenity. To wit, Friday night the quartermaster's office fast-tracked approval for the requisition and procurement of one (1) devil's-food cupcake for provision of the troops.

The paperwork came through this morning, and, authorization secure in hand, we went forth to realize the cupcake.

It took me two (2) grocery stores to score my cupcake. I finally got a chocolate one with vanilla icing at Whole Paycheck, because Stop and Plop would not sell me one (1) cupcake, but only six-packs of crappy yellow cupcakes with orange icing. Do. Not. Want.

As a direct result of its origins, this thing I have brought home is an Edifice more than it is a cupcake. Somebody built a purple frosting dahlia atop it.

A purple frosting dahlia On a $4.99 cupcake (uncorrected American dollars). That's government contracting for you.

I'm still too scared of it to start eating, but I'll report back eventually. Unless the sugar coma wins.
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