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December 2021



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decadent, dangerous, dirty as hell

Having had something of a roller-coaster of a weekend, I have embarked upon the time-approved method of drugging myself with food for serenity. To wit, Friday night the quartermaster's office fast-tracked approval for the requisition and procurement of one (1) devil's-food cupcake for provision of the troops.

The paperwork came through this morning, and, authorization secure in hand, we went forth to realize the cupcake.

It took me two (2) grocery stores to score my cupcake. I finally got a chocolate one with vanilla icing at Whole Paycheck, because Stop and Plop would not sell me one (1) cupcake, but only six-packs of crappy yellow cupcakes with orange icing. Do. Not. Want.

As a direct result of its origins, this thing I have brought home is an Edifice more than it is a cupcake. Somebody built a purple frosting dahlia atop it.

A purple frosting dahlia On a $4.99 cupcake (uncorrected American dollars). That's government contracting for you.

I'm still too scared of it to start eating, but I'll report back eventually. Unless the sugar coma wins.


! Your Gentle Readers request pics of this amazing confection.

And by the plural I mean me.
I could send you a picture of my belly with an arrow. *g*

Alas, it was somewhat over-iced, where by somewhat I mean "incredibly."

And yet, I still ate most of it.

Mmm. Cupcake.
I say, when you go the junk food route, go all the way! Hostess cupcakes with the little loop-de-loops along the top, here I come! (And they come in twos, which is good, because each one is about three bites.)

The sad part is, I was looking at a Hostess display recently, and realized that Twinkies have shrunk. When I was a kid, Twinkies were big! And boldly, nuclearly yellow! Now Twinkies are small and unassuming. I haven't eaten a Twinkie in at least 20 years and this still makes me sad.
Hee. I don't like the Hostess ones. But as snack cakes go, Funny Bones on road trips are a custom of my tribe. (Man, those things are nastay.)
That is hilarious. I haven't entered a Whole Paycheck since we got our Plum Market, which is JUST like Whole Paycheck, but around the block from my house.

Yesterday I went there and spent enough to feed a small nation on produce, but it looked *so much better* than the equivalent produce at the Kroger. So I am happy but broke.

Puppy has made me purchase sweet potatoes to make into fries today. I was planning to just salt and pepper them and bake and then crisp them a bit under the broiler. Do you have some other way you like to cook them that works better?
Do exactly that, except spray them with a thin patina of cooking spray before you bake them, and make sure they are spread out only one layer thick on the cookie sheet.

And yeah, real produce.... yum. The supermarket stuff did not used to be as sad looking as it has gotten.
I wish I could send you one from my beloved cookie bakery. Of the many things I've lost moving to this town (Chik-Fil-A, my favorite burger joint, Trader Joe's) I have also gained in many ways, and one of those ways is awesome cookies easily available.

Right now, though, I have a hankering for a Napoleon, and I don't know of anyplace that makes them around here.

My rule is if it's chocolate or vanilla, or chocolate chip, or triple chocolate anything--it's a damned cupcake. If it's frosted or glazed, it's a cupcake. Pistachio with sugar on top? Carrot cake with cream cheese? Goddamned cupcake. Cupcake. CUPCAKE.

Muffins have grain or bran or fruit flavors. And no frosting.

It's a simple rule, but it serves me well.
I always wondered who was brave enough to purchase one of those cupcakes. *awe*
I strayed away from my staple coconut cupcake today here and bought what I would guess they would call a boston cream cupcake (even though it would be technically inaccurate)--vanilla cake, and a wonderful smooth chocolate glaze. To die for. (I think the bakery is experimenting--I had to pick this one out from choices of a white with white icing and colored nonpareils, carrot cake, with the proper carrot design on the icing, and the standards of coconut and whoopie pie cupcakes. I whole-heartedly support the cupcake arms race. Escalate! Escalate!) (there are 4! FOUR! cupcake bakeries in DC now. I need to travel again.)

Combining the reading of your blog with browsing through government liquidation sites results in my brain juxtaposing this item and pickup methodology with item #1730: Aircraft Ground Servicing Equipment, and a brief pre-caffeinated attempt to determine if the Dahlia is a type of jet. I've only just managed to stop myself from looking for de-icing equipment now, and I thank you for making my waking period far more surreal than normal.
Sounds like you need your own Cake Fetish. Or, you know, a trip to Albquerque.
I could have made you three dozen spice cupcakes with penuche frosting (you have not lived until you've had penuche frosting), or three dozen chocolate cupcakes with my ex-grandmother-in-law's fudge frosting (more fudge than frosting), for the amount you paid for that purple dahlia [g].

But then I don't work for the government anymore (unless you count taxes).
That's lovely. I'll give you 7.214 cents for one cupcake. You can mail it to me.
I almost want a picture of this.


cupcake store

In Mt. Dora, about an hour from here, we discovered a "cupcake shop". They sell nothing but cupcakes, about a dozen or so different varieties. And they will bake them for all occasions decorated accordingly as well.

I think cupcakes are perhaps my favorite dessert. Chocolate chip cookies run a close second, but cupcakes.....Mmmmmm.

The best one I sampled there was a red velvet cake cupcake with inch thick cream cheese frosting. Simply amazing.

Lisa Iriarte