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Apparently, my brain had other ideas.

I just got back from cutting off most of my hair.

I've been growing it since sometime before World Fantasy in Austin (2006) when it was in a cute little bob that looked like this. Of late, it had gotten ornery--I had reached the point where it was only tolerable when it was in pigtails, because a ponytail or bun gave me a headache and leaving it loose meant constantly coping with veils of hair going everywhere and getting in everything.

Anyway, I'd been meaning to eventually get it cut off and donate the braid, and apparently my brain decided that Today Was The Day and By God This Shit Is Coming Off. (People who have known me since high school are now shaking their heads and grinning ruefully--this has been an endless cycle for the last twenty-five years, and it's unlikely ever to stop. The problem is that I like the idea of long hair, and I love my hair when it's long... but long hair doesn't do particularly good things for my face, and it also requires Constant Maintenance.)

So I went down to Supercuts and they gave me a free haircut, which is their way of encouraging donations. They didn't ship it for me, because I wanted to use a different charity--the Pantene one makes wigs for grownups as well as kids, and most other ones exclusively do kids--but hey, free haircut. It's a cute haircut too. I wanted something trendy and athletic and not as dykey as I usually get (I actually look cute as a jarhead!)

The braid is now drying on my end table in the sun so that I can put it in a ziplock bag and mail it off to become wigs. Looking at it not on my head and not under bathroom light, I notice something interesting. I have amazing colorchange hair. Once upon a time, I was ash-blonde, and then reddish-blond, and then ash-brown, and then golden-brown, and then chestnut-brown. (The picture on my web page is from the ash/golden-brown period.) And now apparently my hair is a medium auburn--on the browner end of auburn, but the highlights are definitely red.

Huh. I'm a brunette! I wonder when that happened.

ETA: the braid is a measured ten inches. I think that means I has something like thirteen or fourteen inches cut. I should weigh it... ladies and gentlemen, 2.15 ounces/61 grams of shiny brown keratin!

Anyway, I won't be a brunette long, because a cute kicky haircut requires henna! So for the next couple hours, I am sitting here shirtless with a pile of mud on my head and a plastic bag wrapped around the pile of mud, intermittently blow-drying to keep the mud hot. (The mud smells fabulous, because I also put lime peel, lime juice, and ginger in it for highlights and conditioning.)

Man. I had forgotten how much I love having short hair. I feel so much happier now.
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