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into the valley of death rode the six hundred

I should probably have something for dinner tonight besides fancy popcorn. But the fancy popcorn is so good, and I am so lazy...

Climbing tonight. The routesetters continue to re-route the newly painted front room of my gym, which is cool, because hey, whole gym full of new routes. Exactly two of which I can climb, so far, but that's what a learning curve (and additional routes) is for.

I am getting better. And it's important to remember that.

Tonight, I tried a new route on the rear wall, which is vertical for about ten feet and then overhung for about fifteen feet and then vertical for another five or ten. I've never climbed anything on that wall--the overhand is pretty severe and I am pretty heavy. Nevertheless, I thought that one looked somewhat doable. And I was right; lots of weird holds and hitting things at inobvious angles, but I got up to the transition and, in fact, three handholds past it, though I didn't get my center of gravity onto the overhang. I think possibly I could make the next move or two, but I got tired, and then because of the overhang and the general crappiness of the handholds, I could not get back on the wall. Ah well, maybe next time.

I think that route's about a 5.8, though knowing my gym, they'll rate it a 5.7. Because it's New England, that's why.

Also tried a yellow route and got stuck on the same move I got stuck on on Wednesday. Also no idea what the rating on that one is, but someday I will get past the third damned move, which is where I got stuck. I only came back at it twice, and I didn't feel like I was trying all that hard--I certainly wasn't budging 0.0--but afterwards my forearms and shoulders were killing me. So I may not feel like I'm accomplishing anything, but apparently I am trying.

Sigh. Someday I will get up it.

And then I went into the back room and sent two 5.7s I've done before, just to have actually climbed something tonight.

Wednesday, I want to try the red route I could not get across the transition of on Friday (The bottom half is overhung and the top half is slab, so it may get easier once I get my butt over the demarcation and can lean into the wall. But the handhold you have to make the transition with is made of suck, with a springy fail topping.) And then we shall see, whatever the routesetters bring.

I wish the meatpuppet would hurry up and drop a little more weight, so I could have a chance at some of the trickier routes. I've managed to pry off about five or seven pounds, and I can already feel the difference. This is easier now.

...ugh. Food. I guess I could just skip more food. That totally tanks my calorie count for the day, but I ate plenty yesterday and Saturday.

...maybe I could finish the marinated artichokes. I guess I'm not too tired for that. That would be okay.

If I do that, though, I definitely have to eat before I run tomorrow, or I'm going to be face down on the sidewalk inside half a mile.

Okay, I'm goingto go do that and ice my elbow and put my pajamas on. A plan! Awesome!
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