it's a great life, if you don't weaken (matociquala) wrote,
it's a great life, if you don't weaken

we got a goon squad and we're coming to town

Although I feel guilty about taking the car downtown rather than walking the two miles each way, that guilt is assuaged by the fact that by the time I parked and put a quarter in the meter (In my dialect, that's a kwatuh in th' metuh, and all my friends from away are laughing at me now--I know people who will go oot of their way to make me say "quarter" or "water") the skies opened up, and I was quite frankly dripping wet by the time I had run across the street to the post office.

Woman in post office line two behind me, also drenched: "Man, these raindrops are extra wet. They must be double filled."

Amen, sister.

Having procured three quarts of peaches from the very hot dykey blond at the Farmer's Market (she reminds me of mac_stone, with the set of her jaw and the streaky blond bangs and the cheerful no-nonsense hypercompetence, anyway, nevermind, omg guh.) (I bought an extra quart because she was packing up due to rain, and she took the peaches back out of her van for me, and then she threw in a pint of red raspberries because I was standing there getting drenched) I then went to Whole Paycheck for preserved ginger and half-and-half and cream so I can make ice cream when all these peaches get good and squooshy. And I kind of got mugged by the cheese section, because hey, I ran three miles this morning and all I had eaten was a bowl of Kashi cinnamon shredded wheat, and frankly, I could live on cheese and fruit and bread and be a happy, happy, happy Bear.

So I brought home port salut and Jarlsberg and tiny fresh mozzarellas (pizza! eggplant parm!) and a Welsh cheddar with whole mustard seeds in it called Red Dragon...

...screw it. Whatever I don't eat by next Friday can come to Viable Paradise with me, and be sustenance there. Which reminds me, I need to spend today eating up fruit. Because I have too much fruit. Wait. Oxymoron! I have an awful lot of fruit I really need to eat before it goes bad, although yes the plan is for that Thursday or Friday when they are ripe, I shall can make ice cream from the peaches.

Even peaches aside, the fruit stock in this apartment is out of control. I think I will have something with guacamole for dinner, and also maybe apples and pears and plums and cantaloupe and grapes and cheese for lunch.

God, I love cheese.

And now, I get to spend the rest of today screwing around and listening to the rain. And Thursday, I get to Lothlorien.

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