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bear by san

March 2017



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Well, I can tell that winter is coming and that I am getting ready to submerge myself in novel-writing, because I just made three half pints of green chili sauce (future enchiladas!) and a quart of tomato akvavit cream sauce for the freezer. (I used akvavit because I didn't like any of the vodka at the store today. Ehn, akvavit is just cask-aged vodka anyway.)

Hoarding food, definitely a sign of incipient novel writing.  In addition, the freezer now contains two kinds of lentil curry, borscht, mock minestrone, baked beans, and pork chili. Among other stuff.

Man, now I covet enchiladas.

Also, this tomato sauce is craaack. I just had the leftovers for dinner with toast, and it's good enough to eat like soup. Mmm.


How do you mock minestrone?

You tell it its mother wears army boots.
*wheedles* I could use a good tomato cream sauce recipe....
I don't do recipes. *g*

You sautee some onions and garlic in butter, add a half cup of your spirit of choice, dump in some canned tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, and sundried tomatoes, add some herbs you like and salt if it needs it, cook it until it's done, and finish it with a little cream.
Yes, but now I covet enchiladas, and you have a mechanism for obtaining enchiladas.
Well, I would have to go buy tortillas and chicken and sour cream. So not really. Alas!
Green chili sauce as in tomatillos? Just today I saw that my local grocery has fresh tomatillos. I have no idea if they're in season now, but this is the first I've seen of fresh ones in that grocery store. Very exciting! I am still trying to perfect my enchilada suiza ideas.
Yes. They're just starting to come in here....

mmm tomatillos.
I know. I'm about to commit novel my own self, starting in five days or so, and I can feel the twitchies coming on. I recently cleaned my kitchen, which is an event on a par with a rain of frogs in Reno.
Novel writing is serious dangerous business. It requires prep.

Like a dogsled journey.
If you will share your sekrit method for green chili sauce, I will share mine for green chicken enchiladas made in the slow cooker. Plus, I will go and buy your book:0
There is no secret method. Take chilis and tomatillos and onions and garlic, toss then in olive oil, roast them in the oven in a cast iron skillet. Take the roasted vegetables and clean them (husk, stem, get the seeds and skins out of the chilis) and put them in a blender. Puree. Put them back in the pan you roasted them in and season with salt to taste, and cook until they have achieved the right consistency and deglazed the wonderful roasted juices from the bottom of the pan.

Eat on things, while making little gasping and mrring noises because of the heat. *g*
I don't suppose puppy-dog eyes could inspire you to type up recipes. :)
I'm curious here- does your akvavit have the caraway flavor? I'm wondering how that would work in a tomato sauce, and am intrigued.

I almost think it has a little red pepper in it, though, maybe.

It's got something.

Worked fabulously.
Mmmm... Enchiladas... It's been about a month since I made them last. Used black-eyed peas instead of refried beans, and it turned out really good. Course, that might've been the canned cactus I added. Darn good stuff; somewhere between green beans and mild chilies. Perfect with the green chili sauce.