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Well, I can tell that winter is coming and that I am getting ready to submerge myself in novel-writing, because I just made three half pints of green chili sauce (future enchiladas!) and a quart of tomato akvavit cream sauce for the freezer. (I used akvavit because I didn't like any of the vodka at the store today. Ehn, akvavit is just cask-aged vodka anyway.)

Hoarding food, definitely a sign of incipient novel writing.  In addition, the freezer now contains two kinds of lentil curry, borscht, mock minestrone, baked beans, and pork chili. Among other stuff.

Man, now I covet enchiladas.

Also, this tomato sauce is craaack. I just had the leftovers for dinner with toast, and it's good enough to eat like soup. Mmm.

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