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bear by san

March 2017



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in walked luck and you looked in time. never look back walk tall act kind

Well, not my finest climbing night, but since I am officially working on harder things--I think the one that's kicking my ass currently is an 8, maybe, though none of the new walls are rated yet (God, I hope it's an 8, because if it's a seven, I might just nip off and shoot myself now)--I suppose it's only understandable that my body is responding with shooting muscle pain that wakes me up all night.


I wish building muscle tissue were not so freaking painful. Also, meat, just a suggestion? If you were lighter, this wouldn't hurt so much....


What causes the shooting pains, do you know? I was getting those in my hands yesterday. (And it was embarassing, when talking to my boss yesterday afternoon, to have to stop to stretch out a threatening hamstring cramp. Fortunately he's a good guy and anyway, he must have notied that half my department has taken to going to the company gym at lunchtime.)
Well, muscle tissue is built by introducing micro-tears into the existing tissue and then repairing them. (this the bodybuilder injunctions about No pain, no gain and Go for the burn.)

I suspect it's linked.

Seems like unintelligent design, though. But then, so do many things.
Oh, man, do I hear you about those last two sentences.

Mid-June I stepped on a scale and found I was 8 pounds over the number that I'd sworn I'd never get to. July I started a karate class which has been kicking my ass, but I've lost 20 pounds so far (only 80-something more to go...) Karate is only Tuesdays and Thursdays, though, so this week I started adding in the Hundred Pushup Challenge (www.hundredpushups.com) on MWF.

Wow, do I *hurt*. My joke to my boss today was that I now have *five* nights of pain a week. Only it's not a joke.
Seriously: aspirin. I'm telling you, a couple before bedtime (make sure they're the coated ones) and after half an hour or so, you sleep like a baby. Take it from the girl who suffered through blacksmithing class.
What makes you think I'm not already taking NSAIDs?
Well, yeah. Duh...sorry!

I think what I meant was, I seem to actually get better relief from that time-honored drug than from any of the newfangled ones. Don't know why. Better metabolic click, or something...