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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Progress notes

Wordcount: 1,215
Reason for stopping: Damned tired

I'm about a third of a way through a long scene Kit is fighting me on because he's scared of what happens after it. Darn characters, having minds of their own. Still, progress is happening, and there will be more tomorrow.

Also, as of today, I have eighteen submissions out. It was 19, but-- *g*

Surely there ought to be good news on one of these things.

And a snippet, because I can.

Another breath. A slow voice, inflectionless, half rumble and half hiss. "Who passes, and on what errand?" The inside of the demon's maw gleamed red when it spoke: the only light in the world, and it silhouetted serrated teeth as if on coals.

Kit swallowed. This is real. Now. "Marley." The smallness of his own voice angered him. "I come to bargain with your master. Let me pass."

"My master?" Silence, that Kit somehow knew was laughter. He wondered if the thing saw Kit's own face lit red when its mouth opened. "My master sees none who cannot pass by me."

Kit himself saw nothing but the fangs.

I think I detect a certain L. Sprague de Camp The Fallible Fiend influence in there, somewhere.


Very nice.

::resigned sigh::

When I grow up I want to write like that.

And yes, I've fallen for your Kit.

::No surprises there, then::

That was masterful.

Re: ::resigned sigh::

*blush* You guys are way too nice.

And yeah, he's an engaging little devil, isn't he? I love both my boys, really.

Re: ::resigned sigh::

Oh, pish.

You deserve every single accolade. And yes, he *is*. ::shakes head at self:: Too engaging
Gets him into trouble. Thank God.

Since I have to work to get Will into trouble, it's nice that at least one of my protags does it for me.
I think it would be rather restful to have a character who doesn't get into trouble.