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bear by san

March 2017



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Bombs claimed by Muslim militants kill 18 in India.

Well, fuck.


I think that I need to go back to bed and hide my head under the pillows.

Not even Classic Soul Train is cheering me up.

My species. *sigh*
It is spirit crushing to know that human beings are still capable of such monstrous acts.

Of course, there's still the other side to this story. They mentioned in passing those who helped the injured leave the scene. I have to believe that most people remain fundamentally good and compassionate.
I have to believe that most people remain fundamentally good and compassionate.

That's what I have to keep telling my children when they get scared by the news - that there are more good people than bad people in the world.

But this stuff seems never ending at the moment.
The count now is:

5 blasts
5 bombs that were defused.
30 dead
More than 100 injured
I am without words.
Right there with you.
Thing that scares me 1) They are going to keep on with this until they're found, aren't they?

Thing that scares me 2) They came from somewhere. And before this started, they were presumably people who were not bombing other people. What makes/made them start? Is it an underlying heightening of tension in India? Is it the worldwide focus on Islamic extremism? Something else? Fanaticism does not grow in healthy environments, does it?

Thing that scares me 3) There will be reprisals. They will probably hit the wrong people.
Those are all terrifying things.

I was thinking just now, there is no other side of the world anymore. When you have friends everywhere, nothing is a strange exotic foreign land.

It's just where you friends live.

I think I still have family in Delhi, though I know some of them moved...
I live in Delhi and I am pissed off.
Violent attacks like these, whether fueld by religious fervor or hatred or anything else you might name, stopped making sense to me a long time ago. I don't see what the militants even hope to gain. Do they WANT the rest of the world to band together to kick their asses?