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bear by san

March 2017



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lion in winter dalton love me

kids in hawaii know about mickey mouse.

And how often do you get to use these two tags together?

I finally got to sit down and watch Obama's Letterman appearance this morning (I'd heard sound bites) and I've gotta say...

...if dude doesn't win, he's got a great future in late night television. Dude is funny.

"Technically--she would be the lipstick."

"It's Disneyland, man!"

Interesting, despite the general hysteria about the polls, that traditionally Republican New Hampshire is tending kind of purple this year. Also, I wonder how effective traditional polling is going to be, in an election where so many people who are very motivated to vote don't have land lines, either out of financial necessity or because they're my age or a bit younger and can't be arsed to pay for outdated C20th technology. (When I called up to cancel my land line, the AT&T rep I talked to sounded absolutely hysterical with customer-retention desire, and was feeding me scare stories. "But what if you need to call 911?")


I've not really heard Obama talking before - just speeching. He comes across as pretty warm here, in contrast to Palin (clippage on the BBC site) who is just scary - and starey.
NH is trending purple, but I'm not willing to risk it. I'll be volunteering for the Obama Campaign's "Drive for Change" later this fall.

The polls are better than you'd think. There was a lot of attention to the cell-phone only crowd during the summer, and some pollsters started including those people in the samples, only to find it doesn't affect the MOE too much.

The more interesting thing is how the polls measure "registered" and "likely" voters. Typically, a "likely" voter is one who has previously voted. Which makes perfect sense, except in this case, when the Democrats have registered more than 2 million people this year, and counting. That's where the ground game comes in - if you can get all those people who aren't counted in the polls to show up and vote for you, you're well ahead of the expectations.
Interesting. Thank you.
Only if they're actually allowed to vote, what with all of the GOP voter suppression measures going on. ("Hey, let's challenge the residency of anyone whose house is being foreclosed on!")
Michigan, Colorado, and a couple of others I've heard about...
If you're a lawyer or a law student (or know one), Obama's campaign has an anti-voter-suppression program: http://my.barackobama.com/page/s/vpcvol2
"When I called up to cancel my land line, the AT&T rep I talked to sounded absolutely hysterical with customer-retention desire, and was feeding me scare stories. "But what if you need to call 911?""

Sounds like my experience with Verizon...I pointed out to them that a)my cell phone has GPS, and can be tracked when I call 911, and b)it was WAY more reliable than the rickety-assed lines that the Baby Bell has running out here - I used to lose dial tone every couple of days. Cell phone pretty much never goes out. And if we lose power, I can charge it off the car. And it's got internet capability.

With that "Keep in mind..." I think I sort of fell in love with him.
the digression on 10 yo boys and shrunken heads was also priceless.
Signs I saw this weekend (all north of NH-25) were about 4:1 Obama. Not sure about the bulk of the population...I always got the impression that Manchester was more likely to blind-vote Repub whereas the north country actually gives things a pretty hard look.
Had the same issue when we canceled our land line. I thought the customer service rep was going to need to be sent for a three day vacation at the local mental health facility.

Don't they know all you have to do is have a phone jack and just plugging a phone in, whether or not you actually have service, you can dial 911 and be connected? You can even make 1-800 and toll calls. Or maybe that is just something local to my area?

For the record:

shrunken heads > Disney Land !

Re: For the record:

A man after my own heart. :D
After listening to the first video up there, I now have a completely sexist image in mind of Sarah Palin as the GOP Energizer Bunny.
I'm sorry I missed this. Thank goodness for You-Tube. :)

Oh and LOVE the icon.
I don't think I said anything about confidence, sir.
"Technically--she would be the lipstick."

Still chuckling over that one.

Thanks for posting the interview. I couldn't stay up for it.

Yes, thanks. It's amazing how well you can stay up on politics entirely over the Internet, with a lot of help from LJ.

And that line deserves to be remembered.
I'm thinking it needs an icon.
OMG thank you so much for posting these! (I don't have a TV and haven't for ages...) this was wonderful to watch.