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bear by san

December 2021



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bear by san

Link Salad (links collected from various open tabs, and I did not keep track of where I got them: apologies):

Sleep among the tetrapods. (With bonus slumbering elephants)

shadowhelm has 15 techniques for good writing habits.

The Eccleston/Izzard/Jacobi version of Middleton's Revenger's Tragedy. Craaaaaaaaaaaaack. (Although I had to watch it with subtitles on, because dude, Christopher, swallow the dialogue much?

Planet possibly imaged around a sunlike star.

David Foster Wallace, as most of you already know, is dead, the victim of an apparent suicide. A great sadness, of course, though I wonder if to him it came as a relief. His brilliance will be missed.

I'm starting to get itchy to be at work again, which is sort of nice. I hope it holds out after VP.

And that it brings some ideas with it fairly soon.


Give this a try


The Revenger's Tragedy as vidded by untrue_accounts and astolat

I thought it was marvellous

Two people I *highly* respect, by the way.

I'm having a hard time picking out the narrative in the vid, but then I'm not good at that. It's pretty, though. (But how can you do an entire Revengers Tragedy vid without a single shot of Eccleston shaving his head?)
Wallace, as most of you already know, is dead, the victim of an apparent suicide.</I. I completely mis-read the finals words and found myself wondering... "What is an errant suicide?"
OMG. If I'd known you hadn't seen The Revenger's Tragedy already, I would have mentioned it sooner. It's like someone crossed Middleton with A Clockwork Orange.
I hate the play, actually--truepenny mentioned it a while ago, and apparently I blocked it out.

But I think this version redeems it for me. The misogyny level is dropped. A. lot.
He does have a bit of an accent though:

Rose: "If you're an alien, how come you sound like you're from the North?"
Dr. Who (Eccleston): "Lots of planets have a North"

Revengers is one of the best things he's done. You might like his role as Ben Jago/Iago in the 2001 remake of Othello. It's set in turn of the Millenium London, but remains pretty true to the themes of the original.

Edited at 2008-09-15 07:28 pm (UTC)

Also, Izzard/Eccleston FTW.
(hastily) I don't mean real person fic; I just mean I can't remember the characters' names.
Unless it's Tourneur.

Or somebody who could actually write....
The Eccleston/Izzard/Jacobi version of Middleton's Revenger's Tragedy. Craaaaaaaaaaaaack.

Is it not? I love it. Also I saw it as half of the best double bill I have ever watched in my life, the other half being Julie Taymor's Titus.
... ooo.

15-Step method

Work is settling down to something more reasonable. I will FIND the 30 minutes for Butt in Chair and have a go.
Thank you
You are SUCH the wicked woman, Bear.

BaronElric and I saw The Revenger's Tragedy in Stratford back in 1987 and adore it. And Eccleston/Izzard/Jacobi?! I just went and ordered it (and the books BaronElric CEed of yours, since I never got to read them) from Amazon.

::rubs hands in glee::

Woot! Thank you. (And I hope you love the movie.)
Speaking of writing...

LJ was kind enough to let me know you have a birthday coming up this month. Since my writing partner melissima and I have gotten a great deal of enjoyment and edification from your blog I thought I'd offer a small token of esteem in return.

Would you like some Criminal Minds fic? I know you've read mine at least once before so that assures me you don't find it abhorrent. ;-) I do a mean Morgan and Garcia banter scene and adore Reid so ask away and I'll see what I can whip up for you this month.

P.S. I just met cpolk (when she joined a writing comm I run), whom I hear you've written with in the past. I will have to go look up the fic you two supposedly did together. Her current work in progress is getting rave reviews from Mel so far so I'm intrigued.
cpolk is awesome, and I know a little bit about the fic she's working on, and I'm geeked to see her in the saddle with that one again.

I would of course love a fic, and thank you very much, but please don't put yourself out on my behalf. *g*