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bear by san

March 2017



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spies mfu geekier than the average spy

Link salad again!?

In September, with a sigh,
While the end of the world is nigh,
I will make link-salad-y pie
Happy once, happy twice
Happy link salad with rice

Guidelines for the Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest

Now in its eighth year. We seek the best humor poem that has been sent to a "vanity poetry contest" as a joke. Cash prizes totaling $3,336.40 will be awarded. This contest is free to enter.

The Dicktionary.

Yes, it's a web page collecting and collating euphemisms for "penis." NSFW, it goes without saying.

John McCain, the Dark Knight. With bonus pics of Barack Obama in a bikini swim trunks. No high powered weapons, however.

Marie Brennan on the path from apprentice to journeyman, and beyond.

Yankee ingenuity:

...it only follows that the Connecticut for Lieberman Party would be squarely for McCain, right?


It's not even for Lieberman.

(384 miles to Rauros.)


Nutshell Library FTW!!!!
There is a website called Twitter Is Penis.

I think it trolls Twitter for people who happen to twit Penis and steals a Twitter*, where it changes one of the words randomly to Twitter, with some pretty funny results.

*I'm guessing this because I tweeted somebody about body parts.
I love Wergle Flomp! I was an honorable mention in 2004. Fun!
Yay, Sendak filk!
"Chicken Soup with Rice" was one of my favorite 45s as a kid! The flip side, with the song "Pierre," about the boy who only said "I don't care" was awesome, too, sung by Carole King...
That Dark Knight Returns parody is a thing of beauty.

*really should not be able to picture the panel that accompanies each of those lines*
Your icon argues otherwise.
Thank you for the Dark Knight link. It's fantastic. Frightening and funny.
Fabulous article by Brennan! Also, go you on the journey to Rauros. :D