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if i could only flag her down

In honor of the Bull-Shetterlys becoming the first married couple to grace a World Fantasy Ballot, is giving away Emma Bull's War for the Oaks and Will Shetterly's Dogland.

You can get copies here and you should totally read both.

In other news, as if to make up for Monday (when I could barely clumb on the slab wall--sigh. Meat. Really.) I had a moderately okay climbing night today. Which is to say I wasn't brilliant, but I was perfectly competent. Thrashed on a 5.7+ and another one that's not rated yet but is either a 5.7+ or a 5.8, got one move higher on each than I had previously, and sent a couple of 5.7s I've done before. (Okay, one's not rated yet, but I think that's about what it is. We'll see.)

The good news is, though, that I did not feel completely asskicked by any of these, despite thrashing on that first unrated wall for a good twenty minutes.

Taping my right ankle (the bad one) helps. I may try taping my left wrist and elbow, too.

Or, since I'm already taping both big toes, I may just get myself mummified. I mean, seriously, tendons. Get with the program here.

(ETA: I can tell I'm climbing harder, and on harder routes, because the top of my palms and the top two digits if my fingers looks sandpapered. More strength and endurance, of course, means youcan screw yourself up worse....)

And now I really should go check on the bread.
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