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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

if i could only flag her down

In honor of the Bull-Shetterlys becoming the first married couple to grace a World Fantasy Ballot, Tor.com is giving away Emma Bull's War for the Oaks and Will Shetterly's Dogland.

You can get copies here and you should totally read both.

In other news, as if to make up for Monday (when I could barely clumb on the slab wall--sigh. Meat. Really.) I had a moderately okay climbing night today. Which is to say I wasn't brilliant, but I was perfectly competent. Thrashed on a 5.7+ and another one that's not rated yet but is either a 5.7+ or a 5.8, got one move higher on each than I had previously, and sent a couple of 5.7s I've done before. (Okay, one's not rated yet, but I think that's about what it is. We'll see.)

The good news is, though, that I did not feel completely asskicked by any of these, despite thrashing on that first unrated wall for a good twenty minutes.

Taping my right ankle (the bad one) helps. I may try taping my left wrist and elbow, too.

Or, since I'm already taping both big toes, I may just get myself mummified. I mean, seriously, tendons. Get with the program here.

(ETA: I can tell I'm climbing harder, and on harder routes, because the top of my palms and the top two digits if my fingers looks sandpapered. More strength and endurance, of course, means youcan screw yourself up worse....)

And now I really should go check on the bread.


Are you still making shoggoth bread? If so, could I beg a fissioning of the shoggoth? Now that it's not positively beastly out, I've been wanting to bake at home.
I have a sharable shoggoth, yes. *g* I can give you some after VP--or if you want to drop by during the day on Friday, I could share then too.
Friday FTW. 10am ish, or name your time? I foresee a weekend of baking and watching Season 3.
10 am should be fine, I hope to run in the morning, but I should be home by 9ish, depending on when I pry me out of bed.

I mostly use cvillette's sourdough recipes, and they're awesome, though I'm currently working on a part whole wheat one that has been intermittently successful.
see you then, and I'll be happy to grab copies of the recipes, although I'll be baking shoggoth bread without robotic assistance.
Robots don't work for sourdough, anyway--well, you can use them for the kneading, but otherwise they're no good. The rise times are all wrong.

Here are the recipes:


I let my KitchenAid take care of the kneading. :-)

PS I still have your purple apron.
If you find the purple apron useful you can keep it but remind me to get my Oxo peeler back from you.

I will bring back your book on Oxford.
I never wear aprons, and own three other ones.

I will try to remember about the peeler. We'll have to sort it out from my peeler....
Oh, don't worry, I'll recognize it. (g)

I wear aprons from habit, and will take it back if it's cluttering, but I still have its identical twin and these days my favorite home aprons are the waist aprons made from terry bath towels. As I have no dish-rinser (thank you elise_m) I like the way the terry absorbs splashes from the washing-up.
Emma's War for the Oaks was a major influence on how I look at the entire fantasy genre. I read it when it first came out (what 20+ years ago? How we age!) while I was living in Minneapolis. I completely understood what she was getting at with the title and when I started writing myself I let her influence me. Even though we were in circles that sometimes touched (I lived a block of Hennepin and Lake) I never met either Emma or Will while I lived there. It is great to know they are being honored together on the World Fantasy Ballot.
I can tell I'm climbing harder, and on harder routes, because the top of my palms and the top two digits if my fingers looks sandpapered.


My hands look as if I've been in some sort of fight to the death with a rogue cheesegrater.

(Sadly, in my case this doesn't mean that I'm climbing harder, just that my skin shreds easily. But I am proud of my scrapes and callouses nonetheless.)
YAY more things to read! And I'm glad the taping worked.