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boop e dop a doo wop, boop e dop a doo wop

[23:21] matociquala: eeee.
[23:21] matociquala: earwormearwormearwormearwormearwormearwormearworm
[23:22] katallen: o.o
[23:24] matociquala: It's the goddamned seventies all week:
[23:24] matociquala:
[23:25] katallen: ::looks cautiously::
[23:25] matociquala: ...and that's just reminded me of all the other America songs that are embedded in my backbrain.
[23:26] matociquala: Tin Man, omg.
[23:26] stillnotbored: *g*
[23:26] matociquala: Ventura Highway. I think I suffered traumatic brain damage and blocked that out.
[23:26] stillnotbored: lol
[23:26] matociquala: (I can play Horse With No Name, but not without mocking it.)
[23:27] matociquala: And of course... You Can Do Magic.
[23:27] matociquala: Easily one of the worst songs of the 70s.
[23:27] matociquala: and IMBEDDED IN MY BRAIN FOREVER.
[23:27] katallen: eeeeeeeeeeeee
[23:27] katallen: (I know that one)
[23:28] matociquala: (Do you love me just a little?)
[23:28] stillnotbored: *glares at Bear*
[23:28] matociquala: (It's the do wops that make this song crack)
[23:28] stillnotbored: do not summone the evil
[23:28] matociquala: (It's like somebody dismembering the Beach Boys.)
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