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tonight i'm gonna party like it's 1999

As I was just posting over on my twitter account (linked for those of you who don't find this an intimate enough view of the Glamorous Life Of A Writer), tonight's installment of The Glamourous Life Of The Writer involved cleaning out the closets and finding my fall/winter clothes. Also, sewing a button on my favorite cargo shorts so I can have them for Viable Paradise. Anyway, all of my clothes which aren't in a dresser are now in the hall closet--and organized!--and I got rid of a pile of stuff that really does not need to be in my life any more. Including the jeans that are too big, but I have been failing to get rid of because I'm not really in the next size down. But you know, I have two pairs of jeans that fit, currently, and that is enough for the time being.

If I lose another ten pounds, I will have an enormous pile of pants that fit me. It's kind of scary, actually. Well, it would save on shopping.

I'm currently wondering if I can get back into the shape I was in when I was kickboxing, or when I was running. I'd really like to have that agility back, and it would make my joints happy--and help with the whole climbing thing. It may require an awful lot of privation, however, since apparently my post-mono metabolism is only willing to let me lose weight if I get very stern with it about caloric intake. (Also, see above, sneaking up on forty.)

In any case, I found a treasure trove of old clothes (Some of them dating back to high school) several of which were way too wonderful to throw out. Oh, Mao jacket! (Of course, the chances of my ever wearing it again are directly related to the odds of me getting a breast reduction one of these days...) I also found a batwing jacket of Guatemalan striped fabric, and a black ramie patch-pocket single-button blazer (circa 1987) that I feel required by law to keep, in case I ever want to dress up as Rico Tubbs. And a striped blue and gray sweater I have had since I was 12, and still love. (It was huge then, and now it fits perfectly. It was the 80's. Sweaters you could swim in! You remember!)

Yes, that sweater is older than several of my good friends.

Alas, the gray fishtail skirt went, because an honest appraisal indicates that if I were ever small enough to wear it without looking like a sausage about to split its casing, the skirt would be too big. But I did find some other awesome things I had totally forgotten I owned--a denim blazer that must date from the late 70's (I bet I inherited it from my mom; it looks like her taste). And a skirt and jacket that is so 80's I could die--it's dark blue denim with pale blue roses screen printed on it. I wish I had had the foresight to save  a swatch of every terrible pair of jeans I owned from 1984-1989, because man, there were some doozies. They would make a totally awesome throw quilt now. There was a black pair with bright yellow paisleys, and a white pair with black palm trees, and a blue pair with blue flowers. And probably at least one pair in acid-washed, now that I think about it, though none stands out in my memory.

I also had a baby blue stretch denim jumper (American jumper, not English jumper) that I am really shocked my mother ever let me out of the house in.

Ahh, the 80s. If you missed them, you can still get a pretty good idea of what the fashion sense was like by watching anime.

But I also found all my business clothes, from back when I had a job that required something more than a tank top and a pair of pajama bottoms--four or five awesome suits (The houndstooth check pantsuit, the emerald green vertical stripe one that looks like it walked right out of 1947, the royal purple one with the nipped in waist and flared jacket, the I Am Margaret Thatcher Red one with totally!awesome! pleated skirt, the black pinstripe pantsuit with the sashed jacket) and a whole cache of dresses and blazers (pinstripe toreador jacket! Holy shit!), all of which (it occurs to me) I would love to be able to wear again. (And if I get into the shape to hit my climbing and running goals, it sort of naturally follows that I probably will...) Dude! I have awesome clothes! The new I live in jeans and long-sleeved Ts me had totally forgotten the existence of most of these. I own a silver brocade waistcoat! And two pairs of button-fly boot-cut jeans in more or less perfect condition. And six million silk shirts in a rainbow of colors (Including an awful lot of emerald green, go figure, it being my favorite color and all--and a wicked teal one), bought at Goodwill or at the Burlington Coat Factory for like, ten dollars each. I have these great black wool trousers with a double crease down the front of the leg that are the most flattering thing ever.

Looking at these, it occurs to me. In 1996, I was rocking Corporate Goth. Dude. And look! There! In the back of the closet! I still have the shoes to wear with them, too. Man.

I don't actually miss dressing for work? But sometimes I miss how sharp I looked in a suit. *g*
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