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bear by san

March 2017



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writing one-eyed jack


In celebration of international Talk Like a Pirate Day, I bring you Booty! Gold, and great store!

Or stories. As the case may be.

So as some of you already know, truepenny and I have a story in the forthcoming VanderMeerian anthology Fast Ships, Black Sails. That anthology is devoted to piracy on the high seas. It's not yet published. However, Jeff and Ann have made Sarah and my story "Boojum" available as a PDF for pre-reading. The link (and a plug for the anthology) is here at GeekDad's Wired blog.


Yer a sweet heARRRt, m'dear. Did ye catch me own freebie t'commemorate the day?
Indeed! For you are MIGHTY!
You wild rover, you.
*reads story*

Wow. Just, wow.
Thank you!
I think this story is the newest entry on my favorites list.
thank you!
Wow, Bear. That was fabulous. I wondered what the hell you were doing writing pirate stories (since I immediately ran to the earth-bound definition of pirate), but this is definately a Bear/Sarah story. That means cool, quirky, and with more hooks and twists than a blues solo.

Arr, matey, well played, an' t'Davey with any who say aught else!
You think I wouldn't write an earthbound pirate story? ;-)
While I don't doubt that you *could* do so, it just seems much more in character that you would not.

I'm just sayin ... :D
*g* I suspect you haven't read enough of my fiction.... (I'm very bad at sticking to any given subgenre.)
Actually, all of the Promethian books, New Amsterdam ...9 books at this point, and everything that you have been kind enough to put online for us. Enough that there is a 'Bear' shelf in the household library.

It's not a subgenre thing, it's just that it seems more 'you' to make it as different from what others might do as is possible. It's one of the things that makes me cherish your books - they're always a bit *more* than they might be. In a world filled with shelves of 'meh', your work is bloody interesting. And fun.

Oh, btw? I've now reread 'Ink & Steel' and 'Hell & Earth' for the second time ...I feel a review coming on.
*g* Thank you!

But I have to admit--if I ever had an idea for a pirate story, I would happily write one. Tim Powers' On Stranger Tides is one of my favorite books.
Fae pirate? Kelpie meets Gráinne Ní Mháille (Grace O'Malley)?


Foin bit a work, matey, but where be the snark?
Aw man, thanks for that story. I didn't know how badly I needed an injection of cool into my day until I read it. :D
Thank you.
I concur, that was an awesome story, and threw the rest of my day into stark boredom in comparison. Now I want the further adventures, More I tell you, my greedy little brain wants more because that was just well, as awesome as awesome gets, and utterly like the two of you to stand a genre on it's head, sideways, and show it to us in negative exposure.

Edited at 2008-09-19 05:36 pm (UTC)

You guys do great work.
Thank you so much for this. It made my crappy day instantly better.
I loved it! So great.
The first page makes me sniffle. I miss Moya.