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So tonight we climbed, despite being collectively at the mercy of a series of brutal allergies. I dunno what is reproducing in Connecticut this week, but everybody I know is begging for death. It's awful.

Anyway, climbed a bunch of stuff I already knew how to climb, for exercise. Also a new route--pretty easy, but requiring some thought and meticulousness and so fun--and then another twenty minutes throwing myself fruitlessly at that move I'm stuck on on the unrated red wall. The good news is my stamina has improved to the point where I can actually throw myself fruitlessly at the same move for that long. The bad news is, wall 1, girl 0. For the third or fourth time running.

Eventually I will get it, though. If the toehold were just a smidge bigger or there were one decent freaking handhold on the entire expanse of wall, I think maybe I could get it. But as it is, it's kicking my ass. I want to see next time if I can get a different, more direct angle on the toehold.

Anyway, acraped my hands raw on those two terrible handholds, but that's how the game is played, right? You just have to find a toehold somewhere, and then you have to stand up on it.
Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks

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