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skin i've been through dies behind me

So I'm home and being lectured by the cat. My neighbors across the hall are moving out (they found a better place) and as soon as I get up the energy to do anything I'm going to make a pot of coffee, put on my pajamas, and try to finish the last pass throught Bone and Jewel Creatures so I can send it to my agent and she can figure out who is giving us money for it. Because money is sometimes handy to have.

Then, I need to write "The Tricks of London" and "Mongoose" and "Lucky Day" and Chill and The Sea Thy Mistress. Because if I do not write, I starve, after all, and starving is not very much fun. Some actual work needs to happen sometime in 2008. SRSLY.

By the way, does anybody want to buy a WFC membership? I am so not making it to Calgary this year.

Every time I look over here I have to pinch myself. Florida looks good in that color, don't you think? And so do Nevada and Ohio. Now if we could just get some folks in North Carolina, Missouri, and Indiana to the polls, we might have a shot at not dying in droves. 

By the way, I made you summin:

359.5 miles to Rauros Falls.

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